Eviction of the Kalenderpanden in Amsterdam – now and today –

The eviction of Entrepotdok, a huge squatted building in Amsterdam is now going on in the east part of Amsterdam. In the early morning, at 4:30 am the police came with a watercannon, tear gas commando – Stopping the squatters to build more barricades.

The barricades were build in the more early morning – the western part of Entrepotdok was protected by opening two bridges – The easter side was protected with three barricades. [Read More]

Amsterdam: 2500 people show support for the Kalenderpanden

Today the action weekend against the evictions was ended with a big demonstration. About 2500 people showed up at Dam square in the rain. This were 1000 people more than a previous demonstration in january this year.

Since there was no police intimidation the demonstration went through Amsterdam without problems. Just about 30 cops accompanied the demonstration and four busses of riot cops were guarding the major’s house. [Read More]

Action days in Amsterdam: Kick off

Background information about the Kalenderpanden http://www.kalenderpanden.nl/

The action days in Amsterdam against the planned evictions started already on thursday. Some people can’t wait… The main action will be on sunday 14.00h when a demonstration will go through Amsterdam. On tuesday the 3rd the president of the worldbank will visit Amsterdam. According to the Amsterdam squatters he is responsible for most evictions in the world so he will be welcomed by protesters. [Read More]

Program for the squatters Days in Amsterdam this week-end

Friday, 29.09.00 Saturday, 30.09.00 Sunday, 01.10.00
Multiple Actions… Information available at the infopoint in the city – see address below. 14:00 Meeting on Damsquare, have fun with bam 13:00 Gothik-Picnic at Damsquare
about 7:30 pm Concert at Leidseplein 2:00 pm Demonstration – “Kalenderpanden blijven”
9:00 pm Concert & Party at Kalenderpanden

Of course this are not all actions, much more is going on, but by some reason not published on this page 😉

Infopoints for all the actions: [Read More]

Amsterdam: No eviction for the Kalenderpanden!

Eviction possible from 3rd October

WEEKEND OF ACTION: Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October

DEMONSTRATION: Sunday 1st October, 2pm, Dam Square, Amsterdam

Luxury apartments in the “Kalenderpanden”, whatever next?! In these squatted warehouses in Amsterdam you can find concerts, performances, food, an infocafe and giveaway shop, information evenings, parties and many other activities – something happening almost every day. But if the city council get their way, in the very near future there will be, instead of all these cultural activities, 47 luxury apartments with private parking spaces… [Read More]

Amsterdam: E-mail action against eviction of the ‘Kalenderpanden’ Entrepotdok



IMPORTANT: SEND A COPY (CC) OF THIS EMAIL TO THE RESPONSIBLE PERSONS OF THE CITY COUNCIL: Rob [dot] Sardeman [at] dwa [dot] amsterdam [dot] nl (Cultural Department) jraschew [at] bestuursdienst [dot] amsterdam [dot] nl (personal secretary of the mayor) [Read More]

Amsterdam: Squatters from Entrepotdok squat part of the City Hall

Today, about 60 people squatted a part of the City Hall in Amsterdam. This part used to be a police office.

The squatters are going to use it as an informationpoint about the ‘Kalenderpanden’ at the Entrepotdok in Amsterdam.

The council threathens to evict the squatters and sell the site to a project developer.

More information about the ‘Kalenderpanden’: http://squat.net/kalenderpanden/


Squatters barricade the house of the mayor of Amsterdam

Today 40 squatters barricaded the the mayor’s residence. They did this by screwing a big board on the door. On the board was a summary of a letter to the council. The council of Amsterdam wants to evict the squatted warehouses at the Entrepotdok and sell the land to ‘BAM’ building company. The buildingcompany has plans for making 47 luxury apartments.

On 29.1 there will be a demonstration against these plans. 14.00h Westermarkt square.

Sleepingplaces via entrepot [at] dds [dot] nl

Amsterdam: No eviction Entrepotdok!

At 29-1-00 there will be a squatters demonstration in Amsterdam.The demonstration will start at 14.00 at the Westermarkt.

Reason for this demonstration is the threath from the citycouncil of Amsterdam to evict the ‘Kalenderpanden’at the Entrepotdok. The council wants to sell the building to a project developer who wants to build luxury apartments. Research has shown before that plans for social housing in these buildings are well possible.

At this moment there are 15 people living in the squats and there is a concert hall, cinema, theatre, bar, gallery, voku, etc.

More information (for the moment only in Dutch but this will change) at http://squat.net/entrepotdok

entrepotdok [at] squat [dot] net
Please come and spread this information. More information will follow.


Amsterdam: Council wants squatters to leave

Last week the squats at the Entrepotdok in Amsterdam got a letter from the council of Amsterdam saying that they have to leave. The council is preparing a courtcase against the squatters. This case will be expected at the beginning of 2000.

The council wants to sell the squats to the building company ‘B.A.M.’. The BAM wants to build luxury appartments.

More info about the Entrepotdok and pictures at squat.net/entrepotdok

Amsterdam: Possible eviction of the biggest squat of the Netherlands, the OLVG

The squatted part of the Onze Lieve Vrouwengasthuis, The Anna and Maria paviljoen, will get evicted the 19th. The building lost a case against eviction via the penal law. The council still wants to use this against the squatters even if it is more than a year ago the huge buildings got squatted. [Read More]

Amsterdam: Entrepotdok lost important courtcase

On september 28th The court in Amsterdam decided in the courtcase wich was startet to get permission for demolition of parts of the building. The courtcase was started by Aquartis bv. who wants to turn the building into so-called loft appartments.

Although the building is a protected monument the company got permission to tear one third of the building down. The judge did not listen to the several complaints made by the squatters. The city has to give Aquartis bv. within 2 weeks a building permission. The Entepotdok, a squat where 20 people live and work is now under direct threat of an eviction. [Read More]