Balearic Islands (Spain): Some news from Mallorca

Last Sunday I made a little and very short interview with someone from a squatted house in Palma de Mallorca – I ‘ve heard already, that Mallorca has a quite good antifascist movement and so I wasn’t so wondered to meet a squatter from there. [Read More]

Amsterdam (NL): Squatters of the Horse at the Amstel convicted

On Friday the 23rd [July 1999] the arrestants of the eviction of the Paard van Amstel on july 13th were trialed at the court in Amsterdam. Because there were a lot of testimonies of policemen (some of them where clearly false) the squatters where convicted to 4 weeks in prison.

The false testimonies of the policemen where for a part about one of the squatters wearing glasses. The policemen sayed that they had recognised one of the defenders wearing them, defense made clear that at that point the squatter had contaclenses in. [Read More]

Squattersdays in Utrecht (NL)

This year it wil be for the second time that in Utrecht the so called Kraakdagen (squattersdays) are organised. The emphasis will be on squatting in Utrecht. As in last year there will be a lot squatting actions and other events. During the squatters days an informationpoint is opened 24 ours a day, where you can alo find legal help and first aid men. Adres of the infopoint: Ganzenmarkt 26, Utrecht. Soon there will be an telephonnumber where people can get information. [Read More]

‘Paard’ in Amsterdam re-squatted friday night

Friday night the Paard van Amstel at Amstel 134 was re-squatted by a group of about hundred people. The neighbours were surprised the squatters were back so soon. They didn’t expect them before some days and wished the squatters luck. The squat has been emty for some decades and the owner tried to demolish the national monument illegally. He also terrorised the last tenants in the seventies. After that the building got squatted a few times and evicted. At one of the evictions in the eighties some squatters went on hungerstrike. The last squat-action ended last tuesday. The squat was evicted and four people got arrested. They will be in jail untill their proces on 23rd july. The resquat-action on friday night was succesfull. The police said they wouldn’t do anything. The squat is too close to the cafe and disco area and they are afraid for riots. As you can read on the previous message there are more evicted buildings still empty.

The Paard has got a virtual stable at



Eviction day in Amsterdam

On tuesday the riot-police evicted 5 squats. This happenes a few times a year to get rid of the squatters who don’t want to leave voluntirely after eviction orders from the justice-department or the court.

This tuesday they evicted the ‘Flex’ a squatted complex of luxury appartments in an expensive neighbourhood. The inhabitants defended themselves with paint-bombs. Just a while before there was a burning barricade a few streets further where there was another squat which was going to be evicted. The 7 inhabitants which were left at the ‘Flex’ were arrested and released a few days later. After this action the police-circus moved on to the center to evict the ‘Paard van Amstel’ opposite of the city-hall. Here the four inhabitants threw stones against the container with riot-cops. The riot-cops had to be put on the roof to enter the barricaded building. Because of all the stones, the container started swinging and they had to try over and over again. The riot-cops were probably sea-sick. According to the policespokesman the watercanon was severely damaged. The four people who were left in the ‘Paard’ were arrested and are still in jail awaiting a trial on 23rd of july. Both the ‘Flex’ and the ‘Paard’ were squatted before and evicted after which it was left empty. At you’ll find some pictures of the building. [Read More]


Copenhagen: Some news from the Ungdomshuset

As you probably know the authorities are trying to close Ungdomshuset.

Therefore Ungdomshuset has been the main strugle for most of the movement the last 5 months. The strugle is going quite good. The goverment decided to close us 2 months ago and we still havn’t received the eviction notice (it has to be send 3 moths before eviction).

The threat from outside has united the movement in Copenhagen so that everybody work together and respect eachother more. There is no new squats since 1998.

As you know the thing in DK is different than from Germany. Due to goverment repression it is impossible to keep the squats.

We still got a couple of autonomonous centres (Ungdomshuset, Bxrnehuset and Folkets hus), and some info shops. Ungdomshusets webpage is, there is also a mailing list.