Squattersdays in Utrecht (NL)

This year it wil be for the second time that in Utrecht the so called Kraakdagen (squattersdays) are organised. The emphasis will be on squatting in Utrecht. As in last year there will be a lot squatting actions and other events. During the squatters days an informationpoint is opened 24 ours a day, where you can alo find legal help and first aid men. Adres of the infopoint: Ganzenmarkt 26, Utrecht. Soon there will be an telephonnumber where people can get information.

Program (of course the program may change)

Friday august 13th

  • Squatting actions
  • Demonstration by bike. Issue: squatting in Lombok
  • Dinner in freshly squatted house
  • Workshop how to repair your house

Saturday august 14th

  • Actionsquat
  • Historical squatting guidance through Utrecht
  • Dinner in freshly squatted house

Sunday august 15th

  • Actiongame for squatters
  • Punx Picknic
  • Dinner

Monday august 16th

  • Squatting
  • Actions

So, if you do not know what you want to do…get to the Kraakdagen