‘Paard’ in Amsterdam re-squatted friday night

Friday night the Paard van Amstel at Amstel 134 was re-squatted by a group of about hundred people. The neighbours were surprised the squatters were back so soon. They didn’t expect them before some days and wished the squatters luck. The squat has been emty for some decades and the owner tried to demolish the national monument illegally. He also terrorised the last tenants in the seventies. After that the building got squatted a few times and evicted. At one of the evictions in the eighties some squatters went on hungerstrike. The last squat-action ended last tuesday. The squat was evicted and four people got arrested. They will be in jail untill their proces on 23rd july. The resquat-action on friday night was succesfull. The police said they wouldn’t do anything. The squat is too close to the cafe and disco area and they are afraid for riots. As you can read on the previous message there are more evicted buildings still empty.

The Paard has got a virtual stable at http://squat.net/paard