Eviction day in Amsterdam

On tuesday the riot-police evicted 5 squats. This happenes a few times a year to get rid of the squatters who don’t want to leave voluntirely after eviction orders from the justice-department or the court.

This tuesday they evicted the ‘Flex’ a squatted complex of luxury appartments in an expensive neighbourhood. The inhabitants defended themselves with paint-bombs. Just a while before there was a burning barricade a few streets further where there was another squat which was going to be evicted. The 7 inhabitants which were left at the ‘Flex’ were arrested and released a few days later. After this action the police-circus moved on to the center to evict the ‘Paard van Amstel’ opposite of the city-hall. Here the four inhabitants threw stones against the container with riot-cops. The riot-cops had to be put on the roof to enter the barricaded building. Because of all the stones, the container started swinging and they had to try over and over again. The riot-cops were probably sea-sick. According to the policespokesman the watercanon was severely damaged. The four people who were left in the ‘Paard’ were arrested and are still in jail awaiting a trial on 23rd of july. Both the ‘Flex’ and the ‘Paard’ were squatted before and evicted after which it was left empty. At http://squat.net/paard you’ll find some pictures of the building.

The owners of the ‘Paard’ didn’t do anything with the building the last two decades except demolishing floors and support beams. They also leaded in the rainwater to speed up the damage. In this period the building was squatted a few times and evicted again. The last time the council asked for an eviction because of ‘fire-hazard’. According to an architect who advises the squatters this was nonsense. The Amsterdam Squatting Groups announced re-squatting of the empty buildings and demandes expropriation.

At the eviction day the ‘Dikke Daan’ was resquatted. This building was squatted 4 times before and evicted. With the last evictions the police also evicted the last tenant who was fighting the speculative plans of the owner. The owner tries to sell the appartments for a very high price although this is not possible according to the housing-laws in the netherlands. Also at this eviction the burning barricades appeared. They were defended a short while. When the watercanon was finnished with the barricades the squatters on the streets left. The police entered the building but couldn’t find the squatters. They were drinking tea at the neighbours. The police wanted to search the block but gave up after a few people refused them in.

The same night there was a support-noisedemo at the police headquarters. The riotcops were willing to fight again, so the demonstrators left. At this moment all the evicted buildings are empty again. Time to pick up the crowbars again!