Brighton: Using Space 15 about the squats of London Road

Using Space is a zine about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living

Recent (2020) squats in Brighton on the short stretch of London Road which goes from St. Peters Church up to Preston Circus led me to reflect on this area’s incredibly active radical history. To focus on just one element, let’s walk past the sites of former squats on London Road …

This is a 28 page zine which is presented A4 sized and can be easily printed brochure to make a A5 zine. Download here or at cobblebooks.

UK: Latest Rupture is out now

The latest edition of the long-running DIY culture zine RUPTURE is OUT NOW via online PDF format! Grab it Rupture_zine_2020_autumn or at Rupture

This issue features:
• LASIT terrorism unit editorial
• Nantes Bites Back – free party resistance in France
• A Rant From a Raver (who’s not going out much)
• Power in Plants collage zine pages by Heather Hughes
• Modern Witch Movement and Samhain piece by Morgasmik
• The Bread Bin short story by Lucy Hutson
• Squatting at 17 – anonymous writing
• ‘Dear readers’ – lockdown rant by Dr C Distortion
• Poetry by Jack Houston, Refstrolls and Laura Hughes
• Art by Arki Grynberg, CATWF, Joe Fur, Jess Hudsley and Olive in Dreamland
• Lockdown subvertising photos from Illustre Feccia

You can also check out the full archive at:
Send contributions for the next issue to: info [at] rupturezine [dot] org

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Squatters Of London Action Paper – Issue 10

SLAP! (Squatters of London Action Paper) is a monthly DIY newspaper for squatters in London. It is available in print and online as a PDF. The paper combines news, pictures, analysis and humour and aims to strengthen connections between squatters in London in order to encourage direct actions and other forms of anarchist organising. Download here.

The above info was taken from NFAAF.

In SLAP10 there is the following news about changes to practical squatting nights in London:


Squatters of London Action Paper 7

Squatters of London Action Paper number 7 is out now – pdf

Taking Up Space

TAKING UP SPACE – Zine Callout
DEADLINE – Wednesday 15th March 2017

This is a callout for submissions relating to the theme of ‘space’ or ‘taking up space’. The subject is flexible and could relate to autonomous spaces, gentrification, gender, bodies, identity, performance, squats, incarceration or mental health.
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London: SLAP! #5

Heads-up for the long-awaited Issue 5 of your friendly, local squatters’ paper.

SLAP! is a squatter’s freesheet first printed in early 2016. After a quick half-year of squat-hopping, sitting around and organising elsewhere, some of us involved in the previous four issues teamed up with others and knocked-together a fifth. SLAP! is back to support the flow of counter-info between London squats and act as a semi-regular message-board for squat happenings, updates and unapologetic ideas.
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