Cardiff: Gremlin Alley resists eviction

This morning activists and anarchists have rallied round to defend Gremlin Alley, the squatted bowling alley and cinema on City Road, in Roath, Cardiff.

The eviction resistance is also in solidarity with Alex Haig, the 21 year old squatter who was the first squatter sentenced to prison under the new anti-squatting law, which began on September 1st this year.
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UK: Legal challenge to new squatting law

This post is by Leigh Day & Co legal firm who are coordinating the legal challenge and was originally posted on their blog here

A mother of four from Wales is taking legal action challenging the new anti-squatting legislation, coming into force today (1 September 2012), in a bid to stay in the house she has lived in for 11 years with her children.
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England & Wales: Fuck the fucking fuckers

It looks like the squatban will come in on September1 (here’s pretty incontrovertible evidence).

This is .. surprising since there was a silence for a while.

This is … exciting because now there’s going to be some action.

This is … sad because people are probably going to lose their homes and derelict buildings reclaimed for housing are now going to be returned to emptiness.
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Wales: Government Building Squatted in Cardiff

The spirit of occupation is spreading throughout Cardiff as it was announced today that a group calling themselves The Great Tax Invasion have ‘occupied’ the old Inland Revenue Offices on Westgate Street, in the city centre.
Activists started squatting in the building earlier this week saying their aim is to raise awareness of the amount of empty buildings which they feel should be made available to the benefit of the community. The occupation was announced with a banner drop while Food Not Bombs South Wales provided vegan soup to people outside the building.
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Cardiff: New Squatted Social Centre

For the last week Cardiff has seen a new squatted social centre, an old derelict pub turned into life and happiness with numerous people and projects setting up. The old abandoned building has been empty for years in a run-down neglected area of Cardiff. The residents intend to open it up for use by all radicals and locals. The support has already been great and the first fund raising gig was held on Sunday.
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