Amsterdam: Vechtstraat eviction court case

The arrested have been acquitted! Yesterday morning some of the people arrested at the eviction of Vechtstraat/Amstelkade were brought to court with the charge of squatting. Due to several mistakes by the police during the operation, the eviction has been declared illegal and the arrested have been acquitted.
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Amsterdam: Vechtstraat/Amstelkade eviction account

Tuesday morning the police evicted the 16 squatted apartment on the Vechtstraat and Amstelkade (including the social centre De Strijd). 8 people were arrested and released tonight (july 23rd). This evening, during the noise demo in solidarity with the arrested, 3 people were arrested and are still detained.

– Background
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Amsterdam: 16 squatted apartments evicted on Vechtstraat

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Amsterdam: New info about Vechtstraat and Amstelkade squats


Since the 1st of March and after more than two years of being empty, Vechtstraat 1 (except attic and penthouse), 5H and 7 were squatted.
The whole parcel (Amstelkade 23 t/m 27 and Vechtstraat 1 t/m 7) was bought by Alex Meijer B.V in 1987, some years later Ovast Ontwinkeling B.V (owned by Wim Oostveen) bought this company and all the real estates. This company and around 25 more are registered at the same address in Utrecht and the natural person related to them is Wim Oostveen; he is not only a speculator businessman, he also belongs to the nasty game of politics in Utrecht (Stadspartij Utrecht).
After the research we found out that this man is very good at avoiding the responsibilities attached to his enterprises, as is the case in the Vechtstraat buildings, where the city council of Amsterdam on the 23th of October 2013 ordered him to renovate all the appartements that have tenants. [Read More]