Dijon (France): Tanneries 1 and 2 work days, from 23rd of June to 15th of July

Moving out and building something new // Parties and strolls

## Including on 11th July – exodus demo with carnival floats, trailers and sound-systems

This time we’re really going! Come and help with the last bit of moving out of and taking apart the first Tanneries, and then on to les Tanneries 2 to build some walls (using raw earth, adobe, as well as some more conventional techniques), plastering, decoration, electrics, plumbing… [Read More]

Dijon (France): Let’s defend the autonomous space “Les Tanneries”

Let’s defend the autonomous space “Les Tanneries”

After nearly 9 years of existence, the squatted autonomous space “Les Tanneries” (in Dijon, France) is being threatened by a private medical pole, secretely planned by the city council.

Without any public consultation, but with the typical secrecy that goes with electoral periods when it comes to hot topics, the “socialist” city council of Dijon is taking decisions that could lead to the end of the autonomous space “Les Tanneries”, a self-managed political, social, cultural centre that was squatted in 1998, and has since become an important node for anarchist organizing and radical activism throughout France and Europe. Needless to mention that we won’t let the council carry out their plans!

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Dijon : 3 days of autonomy and freedom of movements against control and racist politics

— 21, 22 & 23rd of June 2002 —
smash patriarchy, crush capitalism !

— What’s this all about ?

This fest is generally organized to promote the squat and its different activities/aspects. This year, we decided to focus on the No Border Camp in Strasbourg. [Read More]

Les Tanneries in Dijon needs support

Maloka Anarcho Collective -URGENT- french squatted social center facing destruction -URGENT-

‘Les Tanneries’ -squat in Dijon, France- is facing eviction. We need your support !

Hi everyone ! Here’s a little text about ‘Les Tanneries’ which is a squattted building in Dijon, France where we -Maloka mostly and other collectives- organise gigs, conferences, theatre performances and various workshops. This place used to be a slaughterhouse and had been empty for 5 years. We’ve been using the space (actually not all the buildings but the offices, the housekeeper’s flat and a barrack) for almost 2 years and really been living here for 8 months. We’re a diy-anarchist collective of people running an infoshop and a non profit mailorder. We’re also putting out a newsletter every 2 months or so about different struggles worldwide (It’ll be in English some day hopefully…) and we’re into several activities such as demonstrations and what’s mentioned above. [Read More]