Dijon (France): Tanneries 1 and 2 work days, from 23rd of June to 15th of July

Moving out and building something new // Parties and strolls

## Including on 11th July – exodus demo with carnival floats, trailers and sound-systems

This time we’re really going! Come and help with the last bit of moving out of and taking apart the first Tanneries, and then on to les Tanneries 2 to build some walls (using raw earth, adobe, as well as some more conventional techniques), plastering, decoration, electrics, plumbing…

— an autonomous space under construction —

Just to remind you, the spaces we’re working on are going to become a cinema, a printers, a silkscreen studio, a computer space, a large hall and exhibition space, a collective kitchen, a library and archive, a freeshop, an information stand as well as spaces to host passing collectives and living space so that people can live on the site. So we’re calling on anyone who thinks it’s a good idea that an autonomous space with these kind of possibilities exists, and could give a day or two to lay a few bricks, splash some paint around or bang some nails in. As we’re planning to stay there for quite a while, we’re trying to make sure we do the job properly, especially the partition walls, so it’s a
good chance to pick up some skills.

We’re hoping there will be quite a few of us so we can make progress and so the new spaces are up and running as fast as possible. We also think it’s important to start off at the same time by sharing some happy moments with everyone in Les Tanneries 2 (aside from the gigs which have already been going on since April).

— t1 to t2 – exodus demo —

So, on 11th July at 3pm we’re going to start to walk from Boulevard de Chicago for an exodus demo from one place to the next, with sound systems and floats from the various collectives, trailers and souvenirs on our backs, with food and drink to greet us when we arrive and then a concert in the evening.

— parties and other summer fun —

There’s also going to be a lot of gigs and other entertainment during the working days, with a crazy caberet with ‘La Masse gluante’ in various remaining spaces of the old Tanneries on 23rd June, 20 years of Los Tres Puntos on 26th and 27th June, or The Ex on 7th July and King Ayisoba afro-beat from Ghana or tuareg music from our friends in the Cap Nord squat on 13th July. (The full program of festivities is below.)

Apart from the parties and the work days, there will be space for games and swimming trips, reading and walks around the Lentilleres area or in nearby forests.

We can provide sleeping places (you can sleep inside, although you can also bring a tent if you want) and some (good) meals.

— and walk against the TAV —

Seeing as we’ve been strongly supporting this initiative, even though the dates clash – but one doesn’t rule out the other – we’d like to also invite you to pass some time on the walk against the TAV high speed train in the first fortnight of July. More info.

— You can find Les Tanneries 2 at 37 Rue des Ateliers in Dijon.
If you want to come to the work days, contact us at tanneries2@@@squat.net

#### Rock’n’roll nights during the work days :

# Tuesday 23rd June – Tanneries 1 – 21h – La Masse glutante – crazy caberet and party in the remaining rooms of the old Tanneries.

# Friday 26 and Saturday 27th June – Tanneries 2 – 20 Years of Los Tres Puntos will be celebrated in Tanneries 2 with rockabilly, ska, rock’n’roll and oi : Les Vaches laitières, Guarapita, Ya basta, Jabul Gorba, Les 3/8, Midnight Roves and others. More info on Maloka’s website.

# Tuesday 7th July 2015 – Tanneries 2 – 21h
The Ex + Fendika (improvised noise-punk and cabaret dance jazz from Holland and Ethiopia), Sathonay (Psychoturk post-rock – Lyon), Fraysse Gall (disco-punk from Aveyron)

# Friday 10th July – Tanneries 2 – 21h – Massicot (dancing no wave – Geneva)

# Saturday 11th July – Los Fastidios (streetpunk – Italy), The Flicts (streetpunk – Brazil), Simbiose (crustpunk – Portugal)

# Sunday 12th July – meet 17h at Tanneries 2 – fried punx picnic, vegan barbecue, derive and wild concert in an unlikely space with Sound of Noise – Lansferrat (fastcrust – Finland), Vehemence (crust – Nancy)

# Monday 13th July – Tanneries 2 – 21h – King Ayisoba (afrobeat from Ghana – Electrified rhythms and traditional melodie)s + Coty blues band (Tuareg music from the Cap Nord squat) + Lyon Mbira crew (Mbira trance and groovy shaker)