Portugal: Voices from an okupation. The assembleia de occupação de Lisboa

Ongoing reflections on an okupation in Lisbon (continuing a discussion) …

The essay below, which we share in translation, is by Tiago F. Duarte, a member of the Assembleia de occupação de Lisboa, a collective responsible for the recent occupation of a residential building in Lisbon’s centre. We share the essay not because we agree with everything that is stated therein – for example, its overly marxist reading of history, of the opposition of the city and the countryside, of class conflict, and its reduction of occupation to a means or tactic of anti-capitalism when it is as much an end and a strategy (that is, these distinctions are in the end not only meaningless, but problematic) – but because of its insistence in reading “okupation” as a radical politics. [Read More]

Lisbon: Building occupied by ALOX collective

September 15:

Number 69 of Marques da Silva Street is occupied. The action is born of an initiative by a group of people, without any institutional affiliation, united by the desire to give life to an abandoned building.

Over the last years, the right to inhabit the city of Lisbon has been the target of numerous attacks. In a scenario of economic-financial crisis and austerity, a change in the rental law by the previous government created new business opportunities for investment funds and other speculating entities. At the same time, the image of the city as sunny, picturesque and peaceful, promoted by the tourist industries, contributed to an increase in the number of people interested in visiting and living in Lisbon. The market, as well as prices, are on a high. Neighbourhoods in which formerly rents were minimally accessible have their values rise brutally. The destructive re-composition of ways of life in the city, now reserved for those who can pay the most, is illustrated by the repeated examples of evictions.
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Setúbal (Portugal): Stop Eviction of COSA Squat

Bulletin from C.O.S.A. in struggle. Gathering at May 27 in Setúbal, Portugal.

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Athens: Solidarity with the C.O.S.A squat in Portugal, threatened with eviction

The C.O.S.A squat in the city of Setúbal, which had its 15th anniversary this month, has received an eviction threat.*

During the night of October 20th 2015, and as a first response to this bad news, we hung a solidarity banner at the Athens Polytechnic School, on Patission Street in the centre of Athens, reading: Solidarity with the C.O.S.A squat in Setúbal, Portugal, threatened with eviction – Strength, comrades (A) [Read More]

Lisbon (Portugal): Reportback from an anti-authoritarian protest in solidarity with the Greek squats, the NO TAV movement and the ZAD occupation

Last Saturday, January 26th, between 2.30pm and 6pm, there was an anti-authoritarian protest against capitalism, fascism and repression, in solidarity with the comrades from Greece and the entire world, and in support of liberated spaces held in Lisbon.

The communiqué specifically dealt with the frontal attack of the Greek State against the anti-authoritarian movement; the political repression of activists in the ZAD (Zone à Défendre, against the new airport in the outskirts of Nantes, France) and fighters against the TAV (Italy); the repression of the indigenous movements; the violent repression of the mass demonstrations around Europe (as on the 14N general strike); and the attack of the police with tear gas against young students of the basic education in a school in Braga (Portugal). A call to a struggle without borders. [Read More]

Porto: Autonomous social center Es.Col.A evicted on April 19th

The Squatted autonomous neighbourhood center in Porto, Es.Col.A was evicted this morning during a violent police action. An illegal act without notice. 3 people got detained and about 5 people badly injured.
Please support us with solidarity actions, translating and spreading the news! We need a strong international support, as the movement here in Portugal is weak and police still acts as in the times of dictatorship. [Read More]

Almada (Portugal): An anarchist centre under eviction threat

International solidarity | 9 november 2009

The court decreted the eviction of the oldest anarchist center in Portugal. We shall fightback!!!

CCL is an anarchist centre that exists in Cacilhas, Portugal, since 1974. It was started by old anarchists that fought against dictatorship and since then it stands in the same place. Along the years it has been an important place for anarchism in Portugal and it has been the house of several generations of anarchist. It has an unique library and archive in Portugal, with anarchist books that were edited in the last hundred years as well as its own distro. [Read More]

Portugal: New squat in Setubal

the comrades write to squat [at] squat [dot] net:‘A new house has been squatted in Setubal. It is a huge old house, wich has been abbandoned for enough time to be squatted, but not enough to fuck it! There are currently two “assumed” squats on the city beeing that the first already has 4 years of existence. Yet there are dozens more of other houses squated, mainly by imigrants.

…there are pleanty more, and when they least expect, we show up!’

send your greetings to zaragata [at] portugalmail [dot] pt


Portugal: New squat in Lisbon

the squatter write:

‘A new house has been squatted in Lisbon. two years after the evicition of the casa encantada da praça de espanha and after inumerous failed attempts a new squat has been opened by a number of collectives working together. The building is a an ancient high school that was owned by a charity insitution and is now in the hands of a private that is waiting for the city hall approval his project to then sell the house for luxury apartmentes. among the activities already planned are Physical exercise and Kung Fu classes, cinemas and restaurant, a cabaret, etc… as well as providing working and meeting space for numerous collectives acting on different subjects. The Adress of the squat is Rua do Passadiço nº 26 Lisboa, tube station avenida, and everyone is invited’

send your greetz to: rbannihil [at] hotmail [dot] com



Squatting in Lisbon




The squat in São Mamede street is about to be evicted by “la Santa Casa Da Misericórdia” (it is an organitation that is supposed “to help” homeless people). It is the first time that a case about squatting is taken to court in Portugal.


In 1974 about 10000 houses were squated and part of them legalized. Nevertheless, squatting is forbiden in Portugal nowadays.

There are 5 squats in Lisboa at the moment. The new movement started 3 years ago squatting “la casa enkantada”.



Some news about squats in Lisbon


  Some news about squats in Lissabon


After the resistance hold by the São Mamede street squaters, the Santa Casa Da Misericórdia (institute with lots of power that helps the homless and detains national lottary) who reclaims the 4 floor building, is freghtning fathers from residents of the squat. They show to their parents photos and films from their day-life, explainig that they don´t have any cahance in court.

Is the first time in Lisbon and Portugal that a juridiscional case is made. So people(squaters) are a litle bit apreensive with that. After the 1974 revolution about 10000 houses have been squated… years passed and the new neo-liberal and anti-revolutionary legislation permited the legalization of house that have been done in the revolutionary process. Even tough, today, the neo-liberal laws and policys no longer permits squating.

There are 5 squats in lisbon. A new movement that starts 3 years and half ago with the ocupation of Kasa Enkantada.


Squaters from Lisbon