Berlin: Ohlauer evicted

Gerhart-Hauptmann Schule, a school building on Ohlauer Straße in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district squatted in 2012 by a group of refugees and activists, was evicted today [jan11].

The vacant school was first occupied during a particularly harsh Winter in December 2012 in order to house homeless refugees camping at Berlin’s streets. Initially, the occupation was tolerated by the district office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, and it housed hundreds of people. In 2014, 211 refugees were registered as residents of the school. In the months since the announcement that the building is scheduled for eviction, this number decreased.
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Berlin: The squatted school by refugees in danger of eviction

Comrades, companer@s y companer@s,

In december 2012 refugees occupied an empty old school in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Now the green government of Berlin- Kreuzberg want to evict the 50 still remaining refugees.The ultimatum to leave the school voluntarily ends on october 31 friday, 2014.

A violent eviction now is very much possible.

REsist Now
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Berlin: Poster against the eviction and besiege of the refugees in Ohlauer Street



Berlin: Eviction of squatted refugee school updates from spontaneous demo

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