Soho, London: The Bohemians Manifesto

Soho is under threat of gentrification endangering Our cultural heritage. Without culture society cannot exist.
We are a collective of Artists, activists and campaigners who are willing to become Cultural Heritage Wardens, in order to prevent the disillusion of culture from Our history.
For too long the GLA(Greater London Authority) and local Councils have dictated through Rent increases, as well as business rate increases the services available in specific areas of London.
It is unfair, discriminatory and in-just that areas established in the 1690 ’s are not subjected to heritage laws, that protect the establishment and their aims. As opposed to the will of the people, that the establishment represent.
In history there is a point which determines revolutionary action. We feel that the unification of activists, squatters, musicians , landlords, sex-workers and the public is the beginning of measures,which when implemented by the people and for the people can bring about social change within our society. [Read More]