Soho, London: The Bohemians Manifesto

Soho is under threat of gentrification endangering Our cultural heritage. Without culture society cannot exist.
We are a collective of Artists, activists and campaigners who are willing to become Cultural Heritage Wardens, in order to prevent the disillusion of culture from Our history.
For too long the GLA(Greater London Authority) and local Councils have dictated through Rent increases, as well as business rate increases the services available in specific areas of London.
It is unfair, discriminatory and in-just that areas established in the 1690 ’s are not subjected to heritage laws, that protect the establishment and their aims. As opposed to the will of the people, that the establishment represent.
In history there is a point which determines revolutionary action. We feel that the unification of activists, squatters, musicians , landlords, sex-workers and the public is the beginning of measures,which when implemented by the people and for the people can bring about social change within our society.
It is of Our belief, that by the bringing people together in order to enact real social and cultural change is the only way forward.
As Our systems of governance create more draconian methods to control Us and enforce against Us, we must become more radical in order to counter this persistence.
Not only what we might see as social cleansing within Soho, but we also can find it from Camden, Elephant & Castle, to Barnet and Newham.
This problem is systematic throughout London and currently the only solution is a peaceful demonstration.
We will resist cultural, social and communal shifts , forced upon the people against their will.
We will resist any form of cleansing of people be it about class, religion, race or sexuality .
The people will and shall be Our hand, and by their hand We will judge.
What we deem necessary is Just and what is just is necessary. You are the people and we are the people, it now is the right time to face Our struggles and stand together.
Tin Pan alley, situated in Soho is one of the cultural settings, that have made musical history in London. Currently 12 bar are being evicted, to make way for re-development. This Grade II listed building is being threatened with demolition, and Our community, along with several others, can not allow this to happen. This is why we have occupied this building as a non-violent direct action to galvanise and empower the people who are ready to save their culture.
This will manifest in our space in many ways: we will have free space for groups, artists, musicians, campaigns and activists to run workshops, play gigs, performances, hold meetings, open mic events. we also intend to have a free shop and free kitchen. We want this to be a space for everyone, please get in touch to be involved or just come down.

The Bohemians