Amsterdam: Eviction letter Kerkstraat 104

Today, just after the eviction of the Pieter Vlamingstraat 98, the squatted building on Kerkstraat 104 got the 8 weeks eviction letter.
The house was squatted on the 7th of December, and according to the letter it will be evicted before the 18th of March.
Will there be an eviction wave, as Van der Laan wishes to re-establish it?
If other houses got eviction letters for the same period, please let us know.
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Amsterdam: Kerkstraat 104 squatted

Yesterday, Sunday December the 7th, the Kerkstraat 104 was squatted. The building is owned by a well known real estate speculator: Jorgen Bakker, owner of the company ‘Capital Investments’, and recently renamed ‘Cap Living’. The building has been empty for several months, and there are no permits requests for renovation.
Mister Bakker threatened to come back with a fiery swords (apparently it is a Dutch thing), and he wished us to be beaten to death by the riot cops… while we wait either for his hobbit army of doom to come over, or for the state pigs to take over, we are just going to enjoy the last hours of our life using this empty property as a home.
Hail our CEO and savior chupacabra. [Read More]