Greifswald, Germany: Week of action against eviction

Dear activists, those fighting for housing, Lumpenproletariat,

in Greifswald (Mecklenburg Vorpommern) for an unbelievable 5 weeks a house has been squatted. The fact that this house has been held for so long is due to the far reaching support which we have received from the people and the almost totally positive feedback from the media (Headline “Anarchy for a better future”).
Now the owner wants to evict us even though until now he implied he wanted to avoid and escalation and all the legal steps have not yet been taken. According to the bailiff an eviction is probable in the next
week. After an eviction the owner could immediately tear down the building without permission (as it is a two story building) and dump a new condo complex there instead. Our occupation is the only thing that
stands in the way of a demolition. The house must be defended.
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Greifswald (Germany): Community supported squatting

On the 30th of september 2014 a diverse group of people has squatted a historically important builiding near the center of Greifswald, north-east Germany.
A citizens’ initiative is fighting an ongoing struggle against the demolition of the builiding for 1 ½ years. The houses „Brinke 16/17“ became a meeting point for the neighboorhood since there are several initiatives like a „community supported agriculutre“ group, an organic food shop, a café and some empty flats. The complex is 158 years old and art historicans describe it as a good example for the suburbian homes of the 19th century. The idyllic charming two-leveled building adds to the character of the street, which is changing at the moment with newly build concrete ugly high-price architecture. [Read More]