Greifswald, Germany: Week of action against eviction

Dear activists, those fighting for housing, Lumpenproletariat,

in Greifswald (Mecklenburg Vorpommern) for an unbelievable 5 weeks a house has been squatted. The fact that this house has been held for so long is due to the far reaching support which we have received from the people and the almost totally positive feedback from the media (Headline “Anarchy for a better future”).
Now the owner wants to evict us even though until now he implied he wanted to avoid and escalation and all the legal steps have not yet been taken. According to the bailiff an eviction is probable in the next
week. After an eviction the owner could immediately tear down the building without permission (as it is a two story building) and dump a new condo complex there instead. Our occupation is the only thing that
stands in the way of a demolition. The house must be defended.

*** Therefore we are asking for your support – calling for an action week from the 11.-19.11. in Greifswald. ***

Come and stop the eviction creatively with us. Food, sleeping places and other infrastructure are already taken care of. We have prepared a program with actions, workshops, film evenings about previous squatting actions, tours of the city, presentations. Due to the ‘development politics days’ in the city, where people critically engaged with the topic Property, there is quite a bit going on in the city.

We invite you to make the city insecure with us, to show politicians and property owners that an eviction is not a bed of roses. The action opportunities reach from creative building concepts, to empty property
to a visit of the ‘Stadtmarketing Tagung’ (Wednesday). So be prepared, come in large numbers and fight with us for a self organised city!

As well as that we would like to conclude with an attempt to build a network. The aim is to develop the concept of “community supported squatting”, so a strategy that sees squatting as a legitimate and useful
way to challenge property and a critic of capitalism. We will have an exchange on squatting from other cities in Italy and Poland sharing their experience on squatting actions of refugees, families and against
forced evictions in order to develop a common perspective.

Action concensus
Firstly we want to have a reflected handling of the local situation. The solidarity foundation we have developed in the neighborhood is very important for the project which could be damaged by ill-considered actions. We are fighting for the preservation of the house therefore we do not want to damage it. It is important to us that there is no violence against any person and that the situation is not escalated from
our side this week.

Gather together your affinity group, come around and make a couple of sandwiches. We also have really good cakes. If you cannot come, make a solidarity action!

Li(e)bertäre greetings!
Brinke WG
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