Berlin: Køpi Weekend of Protest

Køpi calls for friends and allies from around the world to meet in Berlin on the 15th and 16th of May for a weekend of protest. As Køpiplatz (trailer park) faces the most serious eviction threat to date, Køpi stands united to fight for our homes and families. Køpi has been a DIY project in the heart of Berlin offering living space for people in the house and trailer park for more than 30 years. It also continues to be a home for collectives, events, and creative energy since the day the first door was broken open. We will not give up our way of life for some state backed developers! When the law wants to take our homes away, it’s time to break the law!
The alleged owner of Køpi, Startezia GmbH, is just another example of how our homes and autonomous communities are destroyed by anonymous postbox companies that care only about profit and not about people. Køpiplatz does not face the threat of eviction alone. Other Berlin projects, Potse, Rigaer 94, and Queer Wagenplatz Mollies are also in immediate danger. In the last year alone, crucial left-wing places like Liebig 34, Syndikat, Meuterei, Diesel A, Sabot Garden and G17a have already been evicted.
This greed has already gone too far, we don’t forget and we won’t forgive!
Køpiplatz is our home and we are here to stay!
Take action, large or small in your city or town.
Make it loud, make it dirty, be creative! Just like Køpi!

Save the Dates:
Bring your anger to Berlin! Block the streets! Stop the city!
15 May – 20:30Wagenplatzdemo
“Don’t wait until it’s too late, this capitalist take over must stop!” Starting point TBA on KØPI channels – demo will leave on time so dont be late – stay safe, take care of each other & wear a mask.

16 May – 13:00Rally / Wagenplatzkundgebung in front of Køpi between Schiling & Adalbertstr. with “Reactory” (local Metal) – “Visions Of War” (crusty from Hellgium/Int.) – “Strach” (Punk from the Kiez) – “Alice Dee” – “Rapkreation” – “Yeshe” (all Kreuzberg Rap) – “Day Before Wednesday” (performance) & speech contributions.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, this capitalist take over must stop!

Køpi & Køpi Wagenplatz 133 – 138
Köpenicker Straße, 10179 Berlin

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