Berlin: Gathering in Front of Besieged Teppich Fabrik

On Friday, August 11, there will be a gathering in front of the Teppichfabrik squat in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district. The gathering will start at 06:00pm (18:00). The squat is permantly sieged by riot cops and private securities.

Where there still was a beautiful view yesterday, there is a double line of fences (image). All bushes are gone and on top of that a half riot squat with dogs and additional private securities pootle around in our front garden. Not a nice view.

We are living in the old Teppichfabrik at the Stralauer peninsula for several months now. After the cops realized this, we are currently in a kind of state of siege. The electricity was cut off and only a few occupants are allowed to enter the house. But only after they are being meticulously searched. The cops are not allowed to evict at the moment. But to come up to the wishes of the billion strong owner of the building, the senate ans their beadles do everything the can to annoy us.

But it doesn’t work like this. We don’t care about their concept of a city for the rich. We take the 500 square meters loft for free and will continue to fight for a collective life that we determine ourselves. We want to live together here and fight for a space which is forthright for our utopia. In this city, where the transformation from our collective lifetimes dream into a reality of total capitalistic exploitation, our demand is not fitting in their concept.

And that is exactly the reason why we will continue our struggle. It was clear to us that we would face antagonism, also when we showed that the 24 hour eviction policie not always applies. For us its more than just about a building. Its about to dream and fight for another reality. For us its about opening free spaces in which we have the possibility to develope a pugnaciously community.

In order that our home and this project will be open again for all people the cops first have to leave, after that the private securities and then the fences. We have to become many more people to breathe new live in the old building.

Visit us or also those resposnsible for this whole shit.

Come and join us. On Friday August 11, at 06:00pm (18:00) there will be a gathering in front of the house.

Enough is Enough.