Germany: Berliners defy massive siege by police defending Rigaer 94 and autonomous revolution from market gentrification

rigaer-9418Rigaer 94 occupied center in Berlin symbolizes the struggle for a practical alternative to rampant insane predator capitalism. Police complained that more than 120 officers were injured on Saturday (one had a bruise on his arm) and some 86 demonstrators were violently arrested during popular defence in the German capital which mercenary police complained was ‘the most aggressive and violent resistance in the last five years’.

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Berlin state propaganda officials said in a statement Sunday that evil leftist protesters threw bottles, cobble stones and fireworks at the, attacking officers in full protective riot gear and hurt them with fists and kicks.

They declined to say how many brave demonstrators were hurt by the 1000’s of ‘overzealous’ fully armed hysterical police on overtime double-pay. The day’s headlines went planetwide on commercial media ..”Anarchist terrorists hurt over 120 nice innocent Policemen’‘.

The ”terrorists” were protesting against a total gentrification of their area which is destroying their progressive culture which has occupied some abandoned property for community use.The ‘filthy anti-system’ extremists in the neighbourhood are defending their coop culture, free schools and kindergartens, their anti property speculation, shared living experiments, anti patriarchy, music, art, bar and cafe collectives, refugee welcome initiatives, anti war and climate saving politics and degrowth movements……. etc

In short a confrontation between a heroic voluntary movement of humane common sense and the well paid agents of the insane capitalist machine rushing us all to the cliffs of war, economic collapse and planetary ecocide.

Police riot units, many of them inebriated and apparently drugged, were drafted into Berlin from all over of Germany. The agitated standoff resulted in multiple injuries and arrests.
An estimated 7,000 amazingly brave people resisted the onslaught in the Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg neighborhoods on Saturday and during the night that followed. They were opposed by at least 1,800 attacking mercenaries all armed to the teeth. Police units came to the German capital from at least four different federal parts of Germany…..

source: The Free