Brighton: Radical Bank communique2

So today [open day june 15] was a roaring success!

We hosted various workshops throughout the day from first-aid to digital security. We curated various film exhibitions from local artists and activists. We were able to provide free vegan food all day, and all manner of artwork was created to adorn the space. All in all we received overwhelming support for our ongoing project and with much respect and gratitude we would like to thank everybody for the time and energy devoted, it was truly beautiful to see so many people interacting with the space we have worked so hard to make safe, available and free for everybody to enjoy!

Though so many different people constitute our collective, and one can rarely speak on behalf of everyone, it can certainly be said that we are all immensely happy with the result. All of the sleepless nights, and the physical, mental and emotional energies dedicated towards preparing today’s event have been reciprocated by what felt like a truly sustainable and authentic experience of community.

Community often rings hollow as a word evacuated of it’s meaning: it is a buzzword circulated in many of the most anti-communal discourses of today’s social order. Capital cannot create real community, so it must often imagine or enforce its terms. Today proves that the possibility of resistance still burns strong amidst the grey tides ebbing at Britain’s shores: it proves that we can share a radically alternative notion of community. Demonstrating that in the same way we can reclaim space, we can this use space to reclaim human relations with one another and this planet we share: we can change what this world means to us.


Barclays Bank have taken notice of our efforts. They would rather see this building return to a decaying site of empty space as long as it meant maintaining the existing order and ensuring their profiteering remains unchallenged. We need everybody’s help to resist their attempt to evict us; this means co-ordinating with as many other people as possible to spread the word of our struggle and come together to fight back!

Fighting back will be our next concern. You cannot evict an idea: especially one that has rooted itself in so many hearts and minds. So…watch this space.

Solidarity with global struggle!

Radical Bank Collective x