Dublin: Eviction stopped

An attempted violent eviction was successfully halted in Dublin’s North Inner city this morning when residents used mattresses to prevent two men armed with sledge hammers smashing their way through their front door. Although the two men continued to attack the door they halted when Garda arrived on the scene.

Garda were observed talking to the two men, but took no action beyond that. After another 20 or so minutes a lawyer arrived – we are not sure in what capacity but the owner is living in Hong Kong. At this point we are not sure if the Hong Kong owner is an absentee landlord, property speculator or what their claim is based on. After talking with the Garda the lawyer was seen to tell the two men to leave the area.

The occupied building is located near the ‘The Five Lamps’ / North Strand. We understand that it is yet another building that has been brought back into use for housing through being occupied after having been left empty for some time. This morning’s incident is typical of a number of similar instances arising from the massive amount of vacant housing around Dublin on the one hand and rapidly rising rents and homelessness on the other.

As we reported earlier in the week here on Solidarity Times – Free the Media, Be the Media the number of people sleeping rough on Dublin streets is now greater than it was in 1925.

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