Bristol: Revenge for Rémi killed by police at the ZAD of Testest, street fires from FAI / ELF

325 receives and transmits:

French police have killed Rémi Fraisse while they try to rout a combative forest occupation that prevents the Sivens dam. We have burned a vehicle in the service of the French multinational GDF (who work towards the new nuclear reactor not far away at Hinkley Point on top of other nuclear projects in many countries, force dams on irreplaceable Amazonian indigenous lands with the support of Brazil’s military, provide facility management for the police force in this region, run utilities on the Shetland Islands for one of the biggest oil and gas terminals in Europe, manage multiple French prisons, and all around design technologies which attempt to disguise industrial capitalism as sustainable development for the same banks and commercial entities as always).

This was in the Long Ashton area, where we then also burned an audacious 4×4, two luxury sports cars, and a vehicle of OCS (who are considered one of the top security companies in the UK, providing guard personnel, patrols, CCTV instillation and monitoring, etc.).

In France, the Z.A.D. (Zone À Défendre) occupation hasn’t succumbed before the planned-out eco-catastrophe seeking the destruction of critical habitat so transgenic corn can be irrigated. Anarchy crosses the path of the industrialists.

Another destruction is possible.

Widening class divides, back-to-back environmental disaster and the erosion of meaning to our lives, and they thought we’d all just chase their fantasy land of commodities and conniving for social gain? Destitution, surveillance and containment on the rise, the lines are drawn and we know where we stand. Does anyone still believe the police have really got this city fully under control?

You can lock up Reiss Goyan Wilson (2011 riots arson at a Nottingham police station) but you can’t kill our memories. While the State suppresses the disruptive student demonstrations, the anti-authoritarians, the underclass they slaughter without a care in London, Paris or Ferguson, bring back the August fire.

Bristol will hold the status of European Green Capital for next year. As if anyone would have believed there was any intention of facing up to the carnage wrought by the capitalist ideology of economic growth, of course the ecological double-speak (war is peace, cities are green, etc.) covers the bosses’ glee as the title attracts extra investment to the growing ‘green’ economy and its hangers-on – while the biodiversity crisis ploughs ahead unchecked. It’s a joke (and a high-paying one), the same as when Nantes was awarded the title for 2013, where another Z.A.D. is raising a hard fight against a massive ‘green’ airport development and all that comes with it.

Likewise we’ll let loose on the green-washing charade and the capital interests behind it, not at the self-congratulatory ceremonies but at the places they do their daily business, and here in the street, where the values and norms of this civilisation are reproduced. Not at all randomly, we set the night on fire because standing aside and trusting the experts was never enough to address our miserable situation within a faltering, biocidal empire.

Against class society and industrial development, even and especially the green-washed ones – Victory for Z.A.D./Testet and Z.A.D./Notre-Dames-des-Landes -Victory to the rotating hunger strike in the Greek prison system (in support of our F.A.I. confederate Nikos Romanos) and all prisoners at war with the prison

F.A.I. Torches in the Night -Earth Liberation Front

[Other actions in solidarity with the fight in Testet: Athens, Brussels, Hamburg]