Paris-suburbs: Eviction of le Transfo

Le Transfo has been opened in November 2012 as a big squatted social centre, with four buildings (one for inhabitation and three for activities). It was an autonomous and anarchist space. More info, here, in French.

This morning, Thursday October 23rd, 2014, at 6am, the eviction of le Transfo has begun.

– 6:00am : The cops enter the squat destroying a barricaded window on the ground floor with an excavator !
– 6:10 : The inhabitants get controlled by the police.
– 6:20 : Hundreds of policemen control the neighbourhood, blocking the street on both sides. Lots of police vans are parked in the street.
– 7:00 : Inside the squat, the cops want to arrest the people who have no identity documents to present. The inhabitants refuse that situation and say “or you arrest all of us, or you don’t arrest anyone”.
– 7:40 : More than 60 persons are outside le Transfo in solidarity, but not much happens…
– 7:45 : All the inhabitants get arrested and are brought to the central police station of Paris 20th arrondissement, followed by a dozen of police vehicles.
– 9:00 : The eviction is over. People gather in front of the police station in solidarity with the arrested squatters.
– 10h00 : All the arrested squatters leave the police station one after the other.

A gathering in solidarity with le Transfo will happen this evening, at 6pm, métro Gallieni, in Bagnolet.

Le Transfo
57 avenue de la république
93170 Bagnolet

[Brief translation from an article published in French on on October 23rd, 2014.]