Berlin: Liebig34 – news about the future of the project


After months of negotiations whith the landlord G.Padovicz the inhabitants of Liebig 34 as well as the XB-collective and the infoshop „Daneben“ decided to accept a leasing contract for the next 10 years. Already in summer the inhabitants of L34 tried to buy the sixth and last part of the house in Liebigstr.34 ( the last part that Padovicz did not yet own), whithout success.Padovicz bought the last part of the house and whith this he finally was the owner of Liebig 34. Over and over again the inhabitants tried to negotiate contracts, but negotiations always failed because of unacceptable conditions or too high prices per square meter. Finally negotiations succeeded, and the inhabitants of L34, the infoshop- and the XB-collective decided to sign a leasing contract for the next 10 years. The contract started on the jan. 1st, 2009. That means that as long as Liebig 34 is accepting the conditions of the contract, the situation of the three collectives will be stable. Still this contract doesnt secure the house for ever, but only for the next years. The decision to accept this contract was not easy for us.

We had a lot of discussions and conflicts as well intern in the collektives, but also inbetween the collectives.In the end most of us were for signing the contract, cause it seemed to be the most realistic possibility to safe the house of eviction and the collectives of falling apart in this situation. Only because we decided to accept this leasing contract we do`nt believe that this is the only right or good solution. There is no such thing as „ the perfect solution for all the collectives“, each decision has to be made individually for every collective. And in this case the contract seemed to be a good compromise for us. Nevertheless we`re not fully confident with this contract, but it gives us the opportunity to work on a longterm solution for our house, whithout the constant threat of eviction. And that for we need your support. As well the infoshop as also the XB will pay a part of the rent and there`s a lot to organize, fix and work for the L34. When we want to find a longterm solution for L34,XB and infoshop „Daneben“ we will need your solidarity and support… come by……

United we stay!

Against patriarchial invasion!!


We are looking for new flatmates! Write to liebig34(at) or come to our plenum every Tuesday at 7pm

08/03/09>>>>>> 8th March Women Demo in Berlin and Hamburg

14/03/09>>>>>> United We Stay! Demo – 15:00 Hermannplatz/Berlin

18/04/09 >>>>> SoliParty in Køpi Keller . Help is welcome!

30/04/09>>>>> Women Night Demo in Hannover

01/05/09>>>>> Against the nazis Demo in Hannover