Bristol: National Squat Meet is ON

Squatters have taken a large building in Clifton Village, Bristol and are currently occupying it to host a national meeting of people involved in squats and autonomous spaces this weekend. Despite attempts by builders employed by the owner to forcibly and illiegally evict the occupants yesterday, they have remained and have agreed to leave on Monday so that the meeting can go ahead.

The call for a national squat meetup follows the successful gatherings in Dijon (2007), Berlin and Leeds (2008) and the days of action in defence of squats and autonomous spaces in April of last year.

As the financial crisis bites with hundreds of luxury flats sitting empty millions face homelessness. As such squatting is becoming a more realistic option for many and hence the rationale for a meetup. The gathering will look towards ways of strengthening networks to resist evictions and repossessions as well as how to move forward following the successes of April 2008.

If your involved/interested in squatting and/or autonomous please come along and get involved.

See the blog for more details and precise location.

Indy UK