Athens: You can´t bring us down!

Some informations about all the information-events, donation-shirts and other donation-s.t.u.f.f. for the squat Villla Amalias in Athens, which is squatted since 18 years. Two fire bomb attacks in May 2008 destroyed a part of the house. The reconstruction has begun. Following a statement of the Villa Amalias squatters:

You can´t bring us down!

About the first fire, the second fire and their reasons…

On sunday 18/5 about 7:30 am a fire bursts out at Villa Amalias squat in Aharnon street, which, before being put out, causes material damages. Immediately a lot of friends and comrades gathered in the squat, who, later start working for the restauration of the damages.
Almost 30 hours later, at about 1:00 pm of May the 19th, a parastate group, after having the area closely watched, attacks during the day at one of the most crowded streets of Athens, with inflammable materials, causing a second fire.
Solidarity is again massive and people start immediately to fix the damages on the building.
These two murderous attacks come just to upgrade the level of a series of attacks, which, for many months now, have targeted open social-political centers, squats, citizen committees and anti-hierarchical working unions.
This violence doesn´t come alone. The state is it´s direct or indirect commander and protector. The ones who give and execute the orders are the parastate mechanisms, who, through bullying, answer to those who fight for a world without masters and slaves.
Villa Amalias, an open squatted, social-political center, which exists and acts in a self organized and collective way since 18 years, accumulates, in its own existence and action all of these characteristics which put it in the black list of those bastards.
For them, we are nothing more then the thorns in the centre of this grey city. They are annoyed by what we are and what we do. Besides, it´s not the first time that- with or without uniforms- they came to our door. They are annoyed by the fact that in a world of individualized misery, we don´t only care for ourselves, but we choose to act socially and to live collectively.
They are annoyed by the fact that for us, solidarity and resistance is not only pre-election words, but genuine ways of life.
They are annoyed by the fact that, instead of being owners and loan-takers, we are squatters.
They are annoyed by the fact that, instead of bullying and beating immigrants, we choose to stand on their side.
They are annoyed by the fact that we don´t belong to the flashy emptiness of the media and their life style, but we choose to express ourselves in an anti-commercial way.
They are annoyed… This list goes far, but we think that these will do it.
If they think they can scare, intimidate and isolate us socially and vanish us politically, well, they´re just fooling themselves.
Noone will ever take from us what we have been creating for 18 years now.
We are many, different and equal. We have the reasons, we have the ways and everything goes on!



Villa Amalias squat
80 Aharnon and Heyden street, Athens