Utrecht (NL): A march against a bill to ban squatting

On Saturday 27 in the Netherlands, 500 people demonstrated for a better social housing policy and against the kraakverbod (a bill planned to ban squatting).

The march was organised by the Woonstrijd group and proceeded through Utrecht, passing by various projects, one example being the longterm squat Ubica. There were speeches and good weather!
Despite some mainstream press accompanying reports with pictures of stone-throwing squatters from other demos, the march passed off peacefully and in good humour.

A longer report in Dutch can be found here, photos included: http://indymedia.nl/nl/2008/09/54778.shtml

A bit older report about the bill on Indy UK: https://indymedia.org.uk/en/2008/08/407605.html

woonstrijd on Indy UK