Berlin: Liebig34 stays !

The house project Liebig34 in Friedrichshain, Berlin is one of the last existing autonomous and separatistic women, lesbian and transgender collective in Europe.

The political infoshop Daneben as well as the bar-collective XB-Liebig both uncommercial and self-organized spaces, are also located in the same building.

Squatted in 1991 and later legalized, the house still affirms itself as an autonomous and radical place active in the scene.

The Liebig34 has existed for 17 years. The house is internationally known, being an important meeting point for the emancipatory-feminist scene in Berlin.

The inhabitants of the Liebig34 try to live free of sexism, patriarchy, racism and all forms of hierarchy. This doesn’t mean a denial towards the fact that all of us were brought up in a normative, capitalist society that conditioned our way of behaving and thinking, but to push forward the desconstruction of established roles and patterns.



At the moment there are about 25 individuals living in the L34. Such a diversity of people makes the decision-making and consensus process a constant presence every day, which is not always easy, but crucial to collective living.



The Liebig34 is a place where we support each other in the offensive fight against multifaceted and omnipresent alienation and normalization processes of the capitalistic system.



Being a feminist means for us taking seriously the daily oppression cast upon not only women, but also other groups and minorities subjected to discrimination and prejudice from the heteronormative system. We consider our space as a shelter regarding hierarchy, prejudice and oppression.


Like a lot of other free spaces in Berlin, the existence of Liebig34 is again threatened!



Gjora Padovicz is trying to acquire the sixth and last part of the house. Should he suceed in this intention, he would be the sole owner of the building. The direct consequence to this would be the eviction of the houses’ present inhabitants, and the extinction of yet another free space. Gjora Padovicz is a sucessfull businessman and property speculator, whose only interest is maximal profit. His real estate activities often consist on purchasing old buildings, and turning them into high-rent, yuppie apartments. He likes to call himself a collector of autonomous house projects, and is well known for, in this manner, to destroy our infrastructures and networks (for example Kreuziger12 and Scharni29). The complains against G. Padovicz and his property management company Factor, are not only from house projects, but also from other tenants who live in his buildings. He is widely known for never fulfilling his own promisses.



This struggle is not limited to the scene, but it reflects a complex gentrification process, which affects especially people with lower income. People are forced to leave their neighborhood, being pushed away to the outskirts of cities to be able to afford their rents. Free spaces where people can live regardless of how much money they have are becoming more and more rare. Autonomous house projects are one of the last alternatives to imposed lifestyle in Berlin.



The eviction of our house would mean the extinction of important meeting points for the autonomous/leftist non-commercial movement. The fight is not only about the house project itself, but also for the collective XB-Liebig and the infoshop Daneben.


This is why it is so important to determinately fight the systematic erradication of autonomous spaces.


We are developing ways and strategies to politically pressure G. Padovicz and his real estate company, and we are determined to carry them out no matter what. One of our most urgent objectives is to purchase the sixth part of the building in the auction its being subject to. For this we need 40.000 euros and as much support and solidarity as possible. We appeal to every group and individual to carry out whatever action they feel like doing to support us (soliparties, demos, donations…)


We won’t let the possibility to choose how we want to live be taken away from us!


Hands away from autonomous projects!
Solidarity with threatened house projects all over the world!


We stay!!!
Feminists, queers and squaters unite!


Smash capitalism and sexism!


liebig34 [[[at]]]


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