Derbyshire (UK): One week to evict Bodge House !

August 14th 2008

Two tunnelling protestors at the Shipley opencast coal site in Derbyshire (Location – Prospect Farm, Bell Lane, Shipley, north of Derby) have been brought to the surface after spending over a week in a tiny hole underground.

The eviction of the protest camp at Prospect Farm began last Thursday, with UK Coal bringing in dozens of police and bailiffs. They originally expected the eviction to last no more than a few days, but hadn’t reckoned with the hardy tunnellers who just kept digging to evade the specialist eviction team. The protesters had been preparing defences including the tunnels, a scaffold tower, lock-ons and treehouses since moving into Prospect Farm in June. The tunnellers’ removal means at least five people have been arrested at the site.

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Lyon (France): The “Boulon” squat has been evicted by police special forces (GIPN)

August 2008 is the month the State has chosen to evict all the squats in Lyon. The “Rictus” squat has been evicted on august 11th and “DK-dance” squat might be evicted soon too and “Captain Kraak” squat is gonna be “evictable” very soon.

On august 12th, at 6am, dozens of cops came to evict the “Boulon” squat: classical CRS and special forces of GIPN !

The squat was barricaded and some of the squatters went on the roof to make the eviction longer and more difficult to the special forces cops of the GIPN. After lots of noise and tries, the cops succeeded to arrest all the squatters (they were nine – the cops were several dozens) and closed the squat. It took a bit more than one hour…

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Shoreditch (UK): Bowl Court evicted

Bowl Court Evicted This Morning – Call Out For Help

7 august 2008

This morning at 7am, 40 high court bailiffs have evicted the Bowl Court squat in Shoreditch. It is located in Bowl Court which is up Plough Court next to the junction of Great Eastern Street and Shoreditch High Street. Please come around – help needed urgently !

The place was squatted three weeks before the April2008 initiative to serve as an autonomous space for the event, it hosted a squatters estate agency, several workshops and art exhibitions.





Derby (UK): Attempted eviction of the Bodge House

8th August, 2008

Hot on the wire. Taking advantage of the climate camp, scum in London and Derbyshire have moved in for eviction… hear one (slightly incoherent report):

Around 7.45am (on 7th August?) about 60 police and 50 bailliffs arrived at the house. Throughout the day the police have been trying to get through the barricades and defences. Local people and media have been at the scene. So far 3 people have been removed from lockons and a cargo net outside the house and have been arrested. 7 people are still inside and are heavily barricaded in, included being hidden in tunnels under the house. The bailiffs have put up security fences and although they have managed to enter part of the building, the eviction attempt has been stopped for today. It is estimated the eviction will take at least another couple of days.

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Heraklion (Crete/Greece): Hands off our squat!

On Tuesday 22 july 2008, the squat of Evaggelismos received a visit by a coterie of officials, constituted by the dean (and businessman) of the university of Crete, the vice chancellor, the local prosecuting attorney and some high-ranking cop, along with undercover cops and pressmen. Aim of this visit was, in their own words, to “warn us” for the oncoming evacuation of the building and “give us a two-week deadline” in order to abandon the squat.

During the next day, this was carried on the local papers; they were praising the squat’s intended evacuation and its future exploitation, carrying out their familiar tendency on misinformation and mudslinging; with sensationalism and without mentioning what will be accommodated in this space in the case of an eviction. We know that their main concern is the building’s evacuation (during the favorable to them coincidence of a repealed university asylum and the summertime), instead of its future use. In any case, only some naive would lap up that such a “filet” in the city center would not be used by the university or the local municipal authorities (in case of a building tradeoff between them) for speculative aims.

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