Lyon (France): The “Boulon” squat has been evicted by police special forces (GIPN)

August 2008 is the month the State has chosen to evict all the squats in Lyon. The “Rictus” squat has been evicted on august 11th and “DK-dance” squat might be evicted soon too and “Captain Kraak” squat is gonna be “evictable” very soon.

On august 12th, at 6am, dozens of cops came to evict the “Boulon” squat: classical CRS and special forces of GIPN !

The squat was barricaded and some of the squatters went on the roof to make the eviction longer and more difficult to the special forces cops of the GIPN. After lots of noise and tries, the cops succeeded to arrest all the squatters (they were nine – the cops were several dozens) and closed the squat. It took a bit more than one hour…

All the squatters were immediately released free.

Outside, some people were here in solidarity with the squatters, but CRS were blockading the streets and it was almost impossible to approach the squat.

Anyway, some squats should be opened this autumn in Lyon (and everywhere else!).

Fight the police and smash the State!

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