Copenhagen: BlokR action on april 3rd 2008

March 16th 2008

Today activists staged another preparation workshop for BlokR and everything looks to be coming together.

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All day / sunday, activists took part in workshops preparing for BlokR on April 3rd. Workshops included gasmask training, blockade training, talks about the tactical situation and a big cross-block building session. Also a lot of the gear which will be used in the action was demonstrated and teams for shield carriers, cube pushers and more started assembling.

It looked very much like everything is coming together for the blocks and all the gear looked very impressive and the activists were very enthusiastic. Soon a big final meeting will be held, where it is hoped as many as possible of the activists planing to do the action will come to talk, train and form affinity groups.

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Berlin: Victory for Køpi !

10.March 2008 | KØPI Update…

After the auction in March 2007, and the following cancellations of the house contracts, the future of Køpi was unclear. But since then, the situation has changed in some concrete ways – therefore this update.

It came to long and hard negotiatons with the new owner of the house to secure the Køpi as a living and cultural project.

The first priority in the negotiations was the idea to bring the whole of the Køpi complex, for an extended length of time, under self-management (eg. in the form of a contract that is continueously passed on i.e. that is linked to the project and not specific people so that it has no ending). We wanted to keep the Køpi for as long as possible out of the capitalist economy.

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