Berlin: Victory for Køpi !

10.March 2008 | KØPI Update…

After the auction in March 2007, and the following cancellations of the house contracts, the future of Køpi was unclear. But since then, the situation has changed in some concrete ways – therefore this update.

It came to long and hard negotiatons with the new owner of the house to secure the Køpi as a living and cultural project.

The first priority in the negotiations was the idea to bring the whole of the Køpi complex, for an extended length of time, under self-management (eg. in the form of a contract that is continueously passed on i.e. that is linked to the project and not specific people so that it has no ending). We wanted to keep the Køpi for as long as possible out of the capitalist economy.

A possible solution was cancelled by the Commerzbank, who, still officially, has veto rights (and is still using them against the Køpi). Therefore, we have concentrated on maintaining the present contracts and getting them extended.


On the 18th birthday of Køpi, the owner gave contracts, based on the conditions for the rest of the house, to the whole ground floor, the first floor and the side wing (the concert spaces, some living spaces and the office) for 30 years. The cancellation of the old contracts for the rest of the house for the 31st of May have also been withdrawn. Through this, there are no longer any unclear legal positions for the whole house and the land it sits on, i.e. all rooms, including the yard and the land in front all are covered by contracts.


These contracts allow us a continues existance for an unforseeable length of time, without us having to compromise or bring to an end our concept of a non-commercial living and cultural centre.


Our concept: „Køpi stays – and the way it is!“ is and was not negotiable.



This success would not of been possible without the help and support of our thousands of friends from around the world.


The various acts of support, the demos, solidarity actions, donations, the massive publicity, created a lot of pressure and put us in a strong position with regards to negotiating with the owner to halt his plans for an eviction of the house. To all our supporters, once again, a massive thank you – we could not of done it without you.


Thanks For All The Support – We Will Never Forget It!


However, even though the threat of eviction has been lifted from the house, this does not mean that we can sit back.


The situation that has existed for a long time with regard to the Køpi Trailer Park is still unclear. There exists at the moment an allowance by the owner but there is still no long-term contractual solution. At the moment there is no danger of eviction but if the owner of the land changes, the next conflict will be forseeable. We need to stay alert. Please keep your eyes open and come to the action days at the end of May and show that they cannot push projects like the Køpi out of the life of our city’s so easily.


Apart from that, we still need to show solidarity with the other projects in Berlin that are faced with eviction. The situation being faced by Rigaer 94, XB-Liebig, Liebig 14 and Schwarzer Kanal remains critical.


The example of the Køpi shows that through massive public pressure, we can win. We see the saving of the Køpi as just a small step in the struggle for the maintaining of all our free spaces.


Involve yourselves in the International Free Space Action Days on the 11th and 12th of April!


Come to the Køpi Action Days from 30th May to 2nd June!


Give the Commerzbank stress!


Rigaer, XB, Schwarzer Kanal & all the rest stay!


Ungdomshuset Will Rise Again!


Defend and Extend Autonomous Free Spaces!