Squatters action week-end in Amsterdam

Last night supporters of the squatted buildings at the Entrepotdok paid a visit to the houses of councilmembers and put glue in their locks. According to the action group the council members are responsible for the planned eviction of the Kalenderpanden.

The kalenderpanden were squatted in 1996. Since then an active environment developed with a free radio station, bar, concert hall, art exhibition and last but not least housing for about 15 people. The last project which was started at the Entrepotdok was the Counter information agency. Their English homepage is http://squat.net/cia/. [Read More]


Action days in Amsterdam: Kick off

Background information about the Kalenderpanden http://www.kalenderpanden.nl/

The action days in Amsterdam against the planned evictions started already on thursday. Some people can’t wait… The main action will be on sunday 14.00h when a demonstration will go through Amsterdam. On tuesday the 3rd the president of the worldbank will visit Amsterdam. According to the Amsterdam squatters he is responsible for most evictions in the world so he will be welcomed by protesters. [Read More]

Program for the squatters Days in Amsterdam this week-end

Friday, 29.09.00 Saturday, 30.09.00 Sunday, 01.10.00
Multiple Actions… Information available at the infopoint in the city – see address below. 14:00 Meeting on Damsquare, have fun with bam 13:00 Gothik-Picnic at Damsquare
about 7:30 pm Concert at Leidseplein 2:00 pm Demonstration – “Kalenderpanden blijven”
9:00 pm Concert & Party at Kalenderpanden

Of course this are not all actions, much more is going on, but by some reason not published on this page 😉

Infopoints for all the actions: [Read More]

Sydney: Squatters threatened with eviction

Yesterday (26 sept. 2000), squatters and their supporters joined with workers and members of the CFMEU Construction and Energy Union to successfully picket outside the squats – preventing Council tradespeople from smashing in and boarding the places up.

South Sydney Council – which owns the four squatted buildings – took the squatters to court, claiming that the squats wre ‘life threatening fire hazards’ and the squatters were to leave immediately.

The Council won in court on two of the buildings, and the squatters were to leave by 12 noon Monday 25/9/00. However, Council were confronted by a large group of supporters and were forced to leave for the day. [Read More]

Milan: Metropolix has been evicted

This morning on the 17th of September Carabinieri and cops evicted the squat and youth-hostel Metropolix, in Zara street. The eviction, which was carried out by a complex squad of 80 Carabinieri’s and cops, happened as a result of an execution of a decree of “confiscation” by the court, and started this morning right after 7.30, ending without any “incidents”.


Amsterdam: No eviction for the Kalenderpanden!

Eviction possible from 3rd October

WEEKEND OF ACTION: Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October

DEMONSTRATION: Sunday 1st October, 2pm, Dam Square, Amsterdam

Luxury apartments in the “Kalenderpanden”, whatever next?! In these squatted warehouses in Amsterdam you can find concerts, performances, food, an infocafe and giveaway shop, information evenings, parties and many other activities – something happening almost every day. But if the city council get their way, in the very near future there will be, instead of all these cultural activities, 47 luxury apartments with private parking spaces… [Read More]

Sydney squatters remain defiant

Four Sydney squats faced with evcition on the eve of the Olympics are remaining defiant and resisting South Sydney Council’s plans to kick them out.

At a special council meeting last thursday, councillors voted 8 to 1 to start legal proceedings immediately to evict us. The next day we were served with notices to leave and threatened with fines of up to $1.1 million if we did not go.

Instead of using the criminal tresspass laws to evict, the council are using “fire safety” regulations to say that we are in a “life threatening” situation and a “danger to the neighbourhood”. [Read More]

Amsterdam: Weetwee squat-art gallery evicted in October!?

Next to our place (wETERINGSCHANS 2) city goes to build a bicycle underground garage. City council already rented the place – and after the building of the bicycle garage they will rent the place to Mac Bike -the “bestemingSplan” for next 10 years is: fietsenonderhoud en reparatie. (THEY PAID ALREADY 170 000 FL. TO THE OWNER!) Looks like we have no chance but: WE GO ON: TOMORROW 9. SEPT. 15 P.M. OPENING OF ROBODOCK EXPOSITION IN wEETWEE: ROBOTS, PHOTOS, OBJECTS, HISTORY OF FESTIVAL AND ADM SQUAT, LOGHT, PROJECTIONS, BIER… (STILL OPEN EVERY DAY 1 TILL 6 P.M. AND MORE. SO COME BEFORE WE ARE GONE (PROCESS AT THE COURT SOON – MORE INFO COMES – ALSO ABOUT THE LAST EXPO = 20 TIMES 99 THINGS = 1980 PIECES OF “ANTIART)…. 23. SEPT.)