NL: Call for solidarity from Rotterdam!

We are ANGRY as FUCK

The new squatting laws make it possible to evict within THREE DAYS>>>

a squat where we peacefully lived in for over a year, without causing ANY trouble, FIXING the LEAKS in the house, REMOVING the TOXIC FUNGI, building the Rythms of Resistance drum band community, hosting events with Cultural Workers Unite, the Union of precarious housing and more- even getting funding from the government to grow a cute little fucking facade garden- our RIGHT to housing is being IGNORED.

We are supposed to be able to gather our stuff in THREE DAYS. THEY CAN KICK US OUT IN THREE DAYS. THREE FUCKING DAYS. HELP US by coming to our party on tuesday night or COME TO OUR COURTCASE THIS WEDNESDAY 10 AM at the Rotterdam court (close to wilhelminaplein) to show your support!!!!!

Love BUT MOSTLY RAGE, the inhabitants of WAALHAVEN NZ 1