Slovenia: A note of eviction of squat in Ljubljana

After several years, we finally started to develop a real squatting movement in Slovenia. In Ljubljana, there are two squats – Vila Mara and Autonomna Cona Molotov, 1 floor, long house, owned by Slovenian Railway Company, state’s property. We squatted Molotov on New Year’s day 2002 and house was empty for 15 years before we came. There are about 15 people living there, we have a practise room, library (Info-point), empty space for activities like work-shops, joggling etc. and a concert hall with bar.

The last concert was two-days festival with bands like La Fraction, Czolgosz…and on 3rd July is Molotow Coctail and M.D.C. (Millions of Dead Cops). Concert hall is also used for video-projections and non-profit parties. Living place includes about 12 rooms, kitchen, guest room, living rooms and a yard. When we came, Molotov was in a quite bad condition, and the only people that came there were junkies. Place was full of shit and dirt. A small part of the house is Railway Museum, which is still working, but very rarely. The chief of Museum was very nice to us and said that we can use the place. He even forbidded police to come there without him. [Read More]