Kkarkiv (Ukraine): Nazis and Police Attack ‘Autonomia’ Squat

From Ukraine to Greece, one coalition: Nazi and police!

On Sunday evening a band of neo-nazis attacked the Kharkiv-based social/cultural center “Autonomia”, which provides shelter for internally displaced persons from war-torn regions of Eastern Ukraine. Activists and shelter residents successfully repelled the attack, as well as the previous two ones that had happened before. The mere fact of attacks against such an institution which was set up by anarchists from Autonomous Workers’ Union and other groups entirely by themselves on the basis of an abandoned and ruined building, raises a major concern.
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Kharkiv (Ukraine): Opening of a political squat

Statement of the Kharkiv Avtonomous Workers Union members, ukrainian anarchists and anti-fascists about creation of social and cultural center which would help to ukrainian workers who got suffered in interethnic war and other forms of oppressions.

[First published: July 5th, 2014, ru.squat.net.]

Ukraine: Sevastopol military forces evicted squat

In Sevastopol, the Russian military “cleansed” squated cultural center. It seemed to them that the building in which it is found belongs to them.

“Зачистка” Социально Культурного центра

On Saturday, Aug. 10., At 14:00, in Sevastopol held picket. At the date and time of action in Kyiv and other cities, yet lack of information.

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