Pittsburgh (USA): Solidarity Actions in Solidarity with St. Louis

Apparently the evictions in St. Louis touched a nerve in Pittsburgh as several actions were reported to pghanarchy.tumblr.com:

Hearing of the eviction notices in St. Louis, some anarchists decided to act in solidarity by opening a new squat in Pittsburgh. Somewhere in the hills we entered the house we have been casing out, tidied up a bit, and put new locks on the door. At least a few comrades plan on moving in soon.

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St. Louis (USA): Squats Served Eviction Notices

As you may already know, some of the squats in St. Louis received sad news earlier this month: eviction notices.

In case you’ve never had the chance to meet them in person, the houses are part of a six-and-a-half year old squatter community. Some of them are quite small and others quite large. Always with the desire to push ourselves in terms of what we thought we were capable of, we created an orchard, vegetable and medicinal herb gardens, an outdoor movie theater, and a wood-working studio in the squatted houses and surrounding lots. Three years ago we started a social space, A Boulder on the Tracks, which itself is the base for benefits, reading groups, discussions, parties, shows, a pamphlet and book distro, a lending library and a weekly food-sharing with our friends and neighbors.

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United States: Initial actions in solidarity with Oakland rebels

Several immediate actions that we know about have taken place in Minneapolis, St. Louis, Atlanta, New York City and Seattle in solidarity with the rebels in Oakland, hundreds of whom were arrested and many injured during a long series of clashes with the police on January 28. More actions have been publicly announced, others may take place unannounced; we will of course continue to post any actions that take place in the coming days.

Much love and war to the Oakland rebels.
We are with you.
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