Skopje (Macedonia): Social centre Dunja

A new society is possible! A society of people who not only have awareness and take responsibility for themselves, but also, have awareness about and act responsibly toward one another, nature, animals and the well-being of everyone. A society where people will surmount the constraints of imposed differences, regarding class, nationality, religion, gender, race, sexuality, etc. – a society where people will work for the common good, united and in solidarity. This society may be at some distant point in the future; nonetheless it is the only thing worthy of our commitment and struggle today. We, the members of the Left Movement “Solidarnost” and the Youth organisation “Mugra”, joined hands so as to create a solidarity space open for all formal and informal groups, self-organised initiatives, movements, individuals etc.

It is a space open for meeting, organising, networking, as well as activities that contribute towards the creation of a better society by means of creative expression, socialising and fostering comradeship, community and solidarity. Social centre “Dunja” is a space where we nurture a new culture of resistance to the dominant neoliberal policies which, by means of economic inequality, dominate interpersonal relations, translated into an authoritarian capitalist system. This is a space where we develop the political values of economic, ecological and social sustainability among one another, to be attained through the commitment to solidarity, equality, comradeship, social justice, gender emancipation, empathy and collective awareness. The activities organised in Dunja are non-profit and non-commercial. A vast array of events and initiatives is organised regularly, including exhibitions, movie screenings, debates, workshops, concerts, lectures, promotions, plays, meetings etc. Everyone who shares our values is welcome to organise an activity and partake in the care for our collective space.

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