Germany: Defend Lützerath

From January it gets serious: The coal company RWE and the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia want to clear and demolish the village of Lützerath [previously on S!N]. Under the village there are huge amounts of brown coal. In total, RWE wants to extract 280 million tons of coal from the opencast mine, which is six times more than our last chance of 1.5° climate heating allows. Now only we ourselves can prevent the coal from being burned under Lützerath.

Locally, a diverse resistance has developed: there is a protest camp, numerous squatted houses, weekly village walks and much more. We do not know when the eviction attempt itself will be. But we are ready.

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Infocall Defend Lützerath

Germany: Call for the defense of Lützerath

For more than a year, Aktivist_innen have been living and fighting in Lützerath, a small village right on the edge of the Garzweiler open-pit mine in the Rhineland. What is left of Lützerath is to fall victim to RWE’s capitalist destructive rage this autumn so that the company can continue to burn lignite.

Sounds familiar? It is!
Many of us fought in the Hambach Forest and made sure that it was preserved. Now it is up to us again to put the company and its exploitation logic in its place. If they want to destroy Lützerath this autumn, they are taking on a movement that can no longer be stopped. We are facing the last showdown for coal in the Rhineland!

And for that we need you now!
We have created a place for rebellious life. Here we try to form ourselves without capitalist performance constraints and to put our autonomy into practice. We call this area to be defended “Zone a defendre”, or ZAD, following the example of French battles. Because Lützerath is threatened and is attacked by RWE and police. From October, Tree cutting and clearing machines come here. That’s why we say – let’s defend the ZADRheinland together. We defended the Hambi – we will also defend Lützerath! The 1.5 degree limit runs in front of Lützerath and we will enforce its compliance here. We have already paralyzed power plants, cost RWE millions and shown more than once what we think of a state and system that puts profits above people. We no longer negotiate in the trees or in the hut village, because the climate crisis knows no compromises.

So: pack your climbing harness and tools and prepare for an autumn of resistance. Are you missing the skills? No problem; Lützerath is a place of joint learning, of looking after each other and of further education.

So come here and join us!