Kaunas (Lithuania): Eviction of Green House

    On Saturday, June 27, the Green House (Žalias Namas) squat/social centre in Kaunas was evicted. It had operated during the past half year in one of the abandoned wooden houses (which happened to be green).
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Kaunas: East Central European squatters and radicals gathering

Kaunas Karnival – 05.01-04 Kaunas, Lithuania. Street actions, raves, workshops, discussions

Kaunas Karnival is a not-quite-party-but-not-really-conference-either gathering. Squatters, political activists and all the other good radical people from Eastern Europe (and further) are invited to come to a four days street action, skill-sharing and network building event. The main aim of the gathering is to exchange knowledge between collectives from EastCentral Europe about radical actions, such as squatting and organizing movements and establish a basis for future cooperation. The program of Kaunas Karnival will take place in Kaunas, Lithuania, between the 1st and 4th of this May. [Read More]