Berlin: Brunnenstraße 183 evicted this afternoon!



24th November 2009 Show your solidarity, galvanize and engage in DECENTRALIZED ACTIONS all over the city! Express your anger in various and creative ways!

REPOST THIS MESSAGE, spread it over your mailing list, wake up your flat mates and call your friends !

The cops shouldn’t have any rest the next nights and days, keep them on the go! Organize demos / parties / riots!!!

Solidarity IS a weapon! Let hell break loose in Berlin!

Burn down your local german embassy!!!

The ownwer of the house: Dr. Kronawitter,Prinz-Eugen-Straße 3 · 94034 Passau (Germany), phone:+49 851 49 349-0 , fax:49 851 49 349-49 Give him what he needs.

Berlin: Brunnen 183 to be evicted June 18th. Get mobilized now!

Brunnen 183 to be evicted June 18th. Get mobilized now!

Housing project Brunnen 183 and Umsonstladen (free shop) in Berlin are to be evicted on June 18th at 07:00 a.m.. The letters from court that announce the eviction arrived today, May 26th. Inhabitants, users and supporters of the house hereby call for support and solidarity of any kind anywhere at any time. Come to Berlin, be there, be loud, start a riot!

>From June 6th to June 21st there will be Action Weeks organized by the wba-campaign (?wir bleiben alle!? – ?we’re all gonna stay!?).

Places to sleep and infrastructure will be at hand. Those who can’t come to Berlin are invited kindly to ?get active? from now on and whereever possible!

Houses belong to those who live in them! Defend 183! Destroy the city! We’re all gonna stay!


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