London: Last tunneller is out!

After 31 days underground, Bradley was the last person to leave the tunnels under Euston Square Gardens, set up to resist the construction of HS2.

Their statement today [1 march]:

So in the morning I have my police interview at 10:00 as when I was arrested after exiting the Euston Square Gardens tunnels on Friday 26th I couldn’t be processed or kept in the cells. After not sleeping for the last 10 days I was underground, being severely malnourished and dehydrated on top of having an invisible disability I was subsequently unable to walk or hold up my upper body and head so deemed not in a fit state to be left alone in a cell.

I was discharged to my friends who have been caring for me since. They are the most amazing friends anyone could ever be blessed with and slowly I am building back my strength. I can now walk aided although body is shaking 24/7 and I’ve slept a bit even if broken sleep still very exhausted but am doing much better. Thank you for all the love and support and I will keep you all updated with what happens with police and court.