Turin (Italy): Police attack Askatasuna social centre

A massive repressive operation took place on Friday 13 in Turin. 15 precautionary measures were notified at dawn, against university students, antieviction and notav struggles’ militants: 9 of them were put under house arrests. The social centre Askatasuna and the people’s space Neruda were raided, too. The operation is linked to Mayday 2017, when amongst the general bewilderment the police charged in order to prevent the social bloc from entering the demonstration’s conclusive square, out of fear of protests against confederal trade unions and the Democratic Party.
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Turin (Italy): Four squats searched, three people arrested and others to house arrest

May 12th, 2010

Waiting for news, we communicate that, around 6am of the morning, the Digos [political police] has searched many occupations (Asilo, Barocchio, Mezcal, Askatasuna) and houses, arresting three people, notifying some house arrests (it seems they’re four people) and to others, the requirement to sign in at the local police station. The repressive operation it’s a revenge for the riots occurred on the eviction of L’Ostile [last december], the restricted measures are emaned by PM Rinaudo. There’s a public assembly today afternoon at Mezcal squat to organize future iniziatives.

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