121 Social Center in Brixton Evicted…

Hello friends and supporters, This morning at 6-30am 150 riot police backed by an armed squad and a helicopter sealed off Railton Rd and adjoining streets before bursting into 121 through the first floor window. Within minutes the 8 occupiers had been removed and the council went about trashing and barricading the building. A van of police continue to guard the building 16 hours later. Another van load have been stationed at the Town Hall building to guard against anti-council action. Protests and other actions against the eviction and planned auction of the building are currently being put together. [Read More]

London: Reminder – 121 Street Party


We have been preparing this super-duper bailiff-bustin’ event at full steam all this week and it’s gonna rock…. in case you forgot or we fucked up on the e-mail side of things..heres the details again…

Saturday 10th April 1999 – STREET PARTY for 121 CENTRE, BRIXTON – 2pm There will be DJ’s, music, free food, painting 121, no cars, dancing, performers, acts of the imagination, info tables, BIG PUPPETS, street art,creative resistance..oh a whole host of temporary autonomous zone activity. [Read More]

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London: 121 Social Center needs help

Hello friends

Here is the latest message from the occupied 121 Centre in Brixton. London.

We have now been in occupation, behind barricades, for 54 days but are expecting an eviction to happen at any time. The case was sneakily moved up from the jurisdiction of the County Court to the High Court last week so now the stakes are a little bit higher. [Read More]

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