Ljubljana: news from the displaced anarcha community of Mačjak

On ruins.

Parmova 1312 is gone. it has been more than a month since the first machinery arrived. walls, rooftops and furniture are by now all grinded to dust and scattered around the lot.
We (Mačjak) did not know the exact date when they would demolish our part. Nonetheless, we organised an eviction fest, one last collective gathering with the aim to give away everything we had not been able to move to the other spaces and celebrate all that had happened in the times before. Our squat was still standing the day after the eviction fest. and the next. A fence was mounted around us, but our building remained intact. meanwhile, in Athens, two squats were evicted – Ano Kato and Zizania. In solidarity, we raised a banner against gentrification, evictions and for the creation of new squats in our deserted space.
The construction site expanded. the walls began to fall. With each passing day we could see more and more of the destroyed leftovers of things that had previously been part of our space. We threw bottles and ceramic plates at the excavators and the target of Zoran Jankovic. It was symbolic, like a protest or a physical defense of a space could be, but which never happened. We left without resistance, we weren’t there, one of the reasons is that we see the very act of squatting as resistance. We decided to reduce the chances of repression and to open up new spaces rather than defend the ones we knew from the start would not last forever. Yet we missed the moment of catharsis that comes from direct physical confrontation with the authorities. Maybe that moment is still there for us?

In short, mačjak is no longer.

Interview from two Mačjak members by Anarchistisches Radio Berlin in August 2023: https://www.aradio-berlin.org/macjak-squat-an-interview/

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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