Berlin: One year since the eviction of Køpi-Platz

Today [october 15] marks one year since the eviction of Køpi-Platz. Until one year ago we lived in paradise, a community of individuals, without hierarchy and with the freedom for every unique character and personality to be themselves whilst living collectively, sharing this amazingly beautiful and truly special place that to us was home.

Since the eviction, Startezia almost immediately lost their building permit In spite of that in full shady landlord style, Nehls continues to dig pointlessly on the land that he’s not allowed to build or even dig on, as well as placing aggressive security on site, and still using our beautiful fence for their own protection!! Still it stands empty, with no building permit. We lost our home for NOTHING.

We are still here and still angry! Angry that Nehls was allowed to get away with his bullshit dodgy deals and robbing us of our home for nothing, demolishing Køpi-Platz and tearing our family apart.
We miss our home and we miss living with each other.

Despite the huge loss we are still beyond thankful for everyone who stuck by us and supported us throughout our eviction process.

“You destroyed our homes, but now our family is bigger.
You are part of the soul of køpi wagenplatz.”

Love to our comrades. Death to the state.