London: Settling into area 51!

Monday and Tuesday have been spent tentatively awaiting first contact which still hasn’t happened and slowly but surely we’re setting up some basic infrastructure like a kitchen area and a tool area!

Before getting in here we made a compass for this place and sanctuary was one of the main ideas that it started pointing to. It’s hard to move at this slower pace and it often hard to move at this tempo, consciously slowing things down.

I saw a friend from Fake Club days on Monday afternoon when AC and I were collecting our comfy green sofa from Olio. They’d squatted this place in the summer and has it for a couple of months. Hopefully we’ll be here for a couple of months too. That would bring us into the new year… oooh yeah!

These are stills from a 6min video tour you can watch on our telegram channel..

Thinking about trying to post shorter more regular updates, but it’s hard to synchronise being in the squat IRL and getting on the taptop.

ok that’ll do… Got a few other things left over to post from yesterday…

Settling into area 51!