Rotterdam: ‘Abolish Frontex’ – International No Border Camp

The No Border Camp will take place in Rotterdam! We will start on Monday morning the 8th of august at 10:00 by building up the camp. The exact location we will specify at that time. Make sure you are in or around the city and keep an eye on radar and website! Monday morning at 10:00 we will publish the exact location. We hope as many people as possible will show up as soon as possible to help us build the camp. Beware: there is a chance the police will be present and they will try and stop us. Be prepared for this. Take your bike (or other means of transportation) to make sure you can move around. See you Monday!

From Tuesday to Friday there will be a program of workshops, discussions and presentations. Next to the workshops below, there is plenty of room for ad hoc meetings, spontaneous workshops and other activities. The Sahara tent is always available for this, the We Are Here tent when there is no workshop scheduled. If you want to do something, please add this to the timetable on the tents. If you need help with something, please come to the entrance stand.

Workshops will be in English, unless noted otherwise. We’ll do our best to have people to do whisper translation available for each workshop.


  • Circustent 11:30 – 13:00: Mapping the border industrial complex: Rotterdam and surroundings – No Border Camp organization

Rotterdam and its region, in particular The Hague, harbor a number of state departments and agencies, international organizations and companies working on (facilitating) repressive border and migration policies. The orga group of the camp has made a (non-comprehensive) list of these locations and will introduce them in this workshop. If you want to know who and what deserves some special attention during the week of the camp (and afterwards), come to this workshop and ask your questions.

  • Circustent 14:00 – 15:30: Afrikaans Vluchtelingen Collectief

We African Refugees Collectives in the Netherlands are founded to Guide, Help and Support refugees and undocumented homeless who are living on the street in Amsterdam. These people do not have access to shelter, are not allowed to work or study, and are not eligible to receive social support from the government or municipality.

ARC stands for the alliance for the human rights of refugees and undocumented homeless who are living on the street in Amsterdam. Our main goal is to help undocumented migrants without shelter with essential basic needs. Our second goal is to help navigate undocumented homeless within the Dutch asylum system. Our aim is to support them with legal information on migration processes and empower them through activities in educative ways, such as by learning the Dutch language and by taking empowerment courses. Our big mission is to connect undocumented refugees with local residents in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands and to bring visibility on life of undocumented with media stream, and our dream is to sit down at the same table with policies makers. Therefore undocumented people will speak up themselves, and aim for policy makers to make the right decisions.

  • Circustent 16:00 – 17:30: Situation on the French-Italian Border – Networking and Exchange by people involved at the French-Italian border

This workshop will be an exchange of experiences and practices of resistance from the French-Italian border. How does the racist migration politics done by European states manifests in border region cities like Briançon, Clavière or Ventimiglia?

After an introduction focusing on the criminalization, racism and violence inflicted on people on the move in the southern border region around Roya valley and more north in the Hautes-Alpes, there will be time to share insights from daily resistance. Questions like: ‘Who is involved?’, ‘How does Solidarity takes shape in this places?’, ‘What is lacking?’ and ‘What are the upcoming challenges?’ will be discussed.

Next to a contribution to a better understanding of the context in this specific border region, the aim of this workshop is to conclude in some (not defined yet) kind of conne(a)ction, with collectives and people active in the Netherlands, in order to build a stronger link between different places of Resistance in the fight for Freedom of Movement for all.

  • WAH tent 14:00 – 15:30: How to help people affected by the war in Ukraine, anarchist perspectives – solidarity network V.

Description: there will be an input about the current situation, some groups and organizations will be introduced and also there will be a part about how to mentally support your friends affected by the war. After that there will be an open space for questions and discussion.

  • WAH tent 16:00 – 17:30: Painting from a distance – Carlos

Painting from a distance aka paint bombs. What are they, how do you make them and how to use them. Short explanation about different types and short legal advice on using them.


  • Circustent 11:30 – 13:00: Phoenix and LGBTQ+ irregularisation

Phoenix is a self-led community by and for LGBTQI+ people in forced displacement, based in Amsterdam since July 2020. Phoenix promotes a safe space for sexual self-expression, peer empowerment, and addresses problems our members face from irregularization. The needs of LGBTQ+ irregularized persons are continuously dismissed in public discussion and with supporting organizations. With the workshop we intend to make the community’s struggles known further, and discuss together with attendees which steps our community could take in response.

Based on the narrative that migration is a security problem, pushed heavily by the European arms industry, EU border and migration policies focus on boosting and militarizing borders to keep or get refugees out. Meanwhile, non-EU-countries are pushed into acting as outpost border guards. An introduction to the militarization of EU borders, efforts to externalize the borders, the role of the arms industry and campaigns and actions working against these practices. Followed by Q&A and discussion.

The island has been in the spotlight as the place where Moria, the hell on earth burned down nearly two years ago. Camp Moria doesn’t exist anymore, but the situation did not get better. An activist who has been on Lesvos for the last months talks about the situation and the struggle on the island

  • WAH tent 11:30 – 13:00: Teenage mutant ninja turtles – Olya Korsun

[Visual Art/Performance] – The history of plant economy and the global displacement of plants makes me always wonder if a plant I see in front of me was always there and where did it come from originally. This sort of mental exercise instantly ruins the illusion of ‘pristine wilderness’ that the mind typically draws when visiting a forest. To let this ‘tired’ dualism of ‘wild’ vs ‘cultured’ go, I make simple collages in which I combine plants growing in ‘the wilderness’ with their city friends.

For No Borders Camp I would like to invite visitors to create their own ‘mutants’ using the plants found on the site together with some samples I will bring from the city. During the workshop I would also love to talk about the strategies that plants use to cross the borders and illegally invade all the corners of the world.

  • WAH tent 14:00 – 15:30: Esperanto –Ronaldo

Can we discuss migration and privilege without addressing language? In this workshop I will talk about history and answer all your questions about Esperanto and other world languages. Hopefully some misconceptions will be destroyed in the process :-). The workshop will be in dutch, english, german or onsedebrouille. There is no room for simultaneous interpretation.

  • WAH tent 16:00 – 17:30: Antifascist research skill share – autonome antifa NL/DE

Know your enemy! We want to provide space for a skill share research in fascist movements and structures. Since in Germany and some other countries that work happens way more, and here in NL mainly Kafka and individual/small groups of antifascists do it, we can learn from each other. Of course antifascism is connected to the struggle against the border system, so we can’t escape the task of knowing those who want to make that system even more violent. So come share your own methods, success, risks, mistakes and learn about other contexts!


  • Circustent 11:30 – 13:00: Crowd Management & Guest Care on Board of the Sea Watch ships – Sea-Watch

After the repression of the Salvini regime (Italy) against the NGO ships in the central Med ended, the number of people the different Search & Rescue Ships rescue and take on board increased massively. Despite Covid 19 and all efforts of the so called Libyan Coastguard and the EU border security operations, situations where we have more then 400 people on board are quite likely and are a scenario we have to be prepared for.

In case of the ship Sea Watch 3 this means everybody has less then 0,7m² space to sleep. Our medical resources are overstretched, we just can provide one hot meal and information flow is a big challenge. We have people on board from various parts of the world, who need to live together and who manage to live together, even if the circumstances are difficult.

In the workshop we will have a look on the approach towards our guests, our crowd management principles and how we run them in practice. We also discuss the questions on: What is easier in comparison to land based projects, what is more difficult and how do we deal with conflicts in case it gets too tense.

In June 2021 Abolish Frontex was launched, an informal network of now over 130 organizations and groups across and beyond Europe, fighting to abolish Frontex and end the EU border regime. An introduction to Frontex and EU border and migration policies, to the campaign, its structure and its activities, by one of the groups working on it in The Netherlands. Followed by Q&A, exchange of information and experiences and discussion about strengthening the campaign.

  • Circustent 16:00 – 17:30: Border deaths, or how to build a Europe wide movement – Migreat

In 2023, the List of Deaths will celebrate its 30 year anniversary. Most likely, it will list the loss of more than 50.000 humans who died trying to reach Europe. In this workshop, we will discuss strategies to build a stronger movement to counter death on our border. How can we work together with different kinds of organizations and movements on a national, European, regional and global level? How do we keep people motivated in the long run? We will look at how to strengthen the movement for migration, concretely by looking at possible actions to commemorate border deaths and fight deadly migration policies in 2023.

  • WAH tent 11:30 – 13:00: Mad Pride meeting – Mad Pride

Mad Pride is an international movement of “crazies” and their allies, which opposes this negative attitude towards people, who are “different”. We pride ourselves on being who we are, and claim the right to be different, without being immediately considered second-class citizens.

  • WAH tent 14:00 – 15:30: Marriage against borders – Marriage against borders

This Workshop explores the possibilities and limitation of political marriages against the backdrop of restrictive migration policies in context of German legislation. A zine about this topic that was recently published will be presented and discussed in the course of this workshop.

  • WAH tent 16:00 – 17:30: Building solidarity in Ter Apel – Zep and Tjaaktje

Everyone now knows the appalling conditions under which the refugees are staying in Ter Apel. The people in charge act as if this is something beyond their control, but the situation around the application center is a direct result of inhumane policies. Zep and Tjaaktje have recently been to Ter Apel to offer help. They come to nbc to talk about their experiences, the difficulties they encountered in organizing and what they have learned. But even more than telling a story, they want to learn from other perspectives and have an exchange about how to build solidarity in a situation as elusive as the crisis in Ter Apel. How can we build a longer term and stronger solidarity network? Not only in Ter Apel, but everywhere where refugees get in the mazes of the state grassroots solidarity independently of NGO’s is essential.


  • Circustent 11:30 – 13:00: Songs of change and belonging – Hessel

Music and Migration through the centuries – Music plays an important role in identity formation and belonging connected to social struggle, community and place attachment. In this talk we’ll journey through space and time to touch upon the importance of such songs by listening to interesting examples woven together in a historical tale. Starting in the Ancient world, we’ll travel through Middle Age migration, old and new (anti)colonialism, globalization, mass migration and socialist internationalism from the 19th to 21st century.

  • Circustent 14:00 – 15:30: Abortion rights are human rights – an overview on abortion access and legal structures – Abortion Network Amsterdam

On this talk Abortion Network Amsterdam will be presenting itself and its work and giving an overview on abortion access in different contexts, as well as mentioning the legal structures that get in the way of making abortions legal, safe, and accessible in different geographies.

  • Circustent 16:00 – 17:30: Resistance – on migration deterrence and civil disobedience – Migreat

Migration is a human right. Movement is indispensable to fight global and racial inequality. Yet, the movement of those who need it most is met with exclusion at best, brutal violence and murder at worst. This is not only unfair, it is criminal. Europe has installed a modern-day Apartheid regime. Moving beyond petitions and demonstrations, what opportunities do we have to resist the system of oppression? How can we organize civil disobedience? This workshop will not give all the answers, as we are still searching. We will give an introduction, but hope to learn from each other and brainstorm to come up with new ideas to fight for justice.

  • WAH tent 11:30 – 13:00: Imagine! No borders, and then? – Blind spots Activists in Bosnia and Abolish Frontex activists in Belgium

A lucky break happens suddenly, surprisingly. Everything is possible now, how it arises does not matter, it just happens. There are no borders. This workshops opens space and time for a “What, if…“ that can lead us to another vision. What actually happens after the fight against borders, who would be affected and in which way? What now ?

  • WAH tent 14:00 – 15:30: Fighting for freedom of Movement for all: Watch the Med Alarm phone – a telephone hotline for people in distress at sea – Watch the Med Alarmphone

Watch the Med Alarm phone is a transnational activists network running a telephone hotline for people crossing the Mediterranean Sea – 24/7 since 2014. We work on both sides of the Med, fighting for freedom of movement for all. The info event will give insight in our daily work and how we organize ourselves and will share impressions of the current situation on the different routes across the Med and our struggle against fortress Europe, with a focus on current developments in the central Med.

  • WAH tent 16:00 – 17:30: A safer scene and better world: Unlearning toxic masculinity in the movement – Patriarkraakt collective

The world is dominated by men, harmful ‘masculine’ traits and damage done by patriarchal structures. To improve our environment, our society when it comes to migration issues as well as society as a whole and to improve our own health, men need to start taking initiative to educate and better themselves. This is also very much an issue within our movements. The Patriarkraakt collective focuses on men collectively unlearning taught toxic behavior and improve it with better praxis. In this workshop we invite people wanting to unlearn such behavior and improve themselves collectively in an effort to make our surroundings a better place.

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