Amsterdam: Mokum Kraakt starts fundraising for comrades arrested during Hotel Mokum eviction!

We are Mokum Krrraakt, a squatting collective regrouping Hotel Mokum, Kinderen van Mokum, and other squatters.

We are currently located at Nicole (Kinkerstraat 304). We house people and organize nonprofit, open and free cultural and political events to fight against the growing monoculture of the city. We squat as a protest against violently incompetent urban housing and planning policy, against gentrification, and against the unaffordability of the city.

On the 26th of November 2021, Hotel Mokum on Marnixstraat was evicted. During the eviction, several people were arrested for peacefully demonstrating, some of them violently. For their solidarity with Hotel Mokum and the squatting movement, they were violently arrested and threatened with fines and court cases.

We want to support these people by covering their juridical costs. But we can’t do this alone. The little income we generate goes to cleaning and rebuilding Nicole, where we organize free events. That’s why we’re organizing this fundraiser, and we need your help!

Protesters in the Netherlands often have to deal with police violence, but also fines and long, dreading legal procedures and sometimes court cases. This is also the case here. People must protest and continue to take part in direct action and squatting – more so now with the newer and stricter anti-squatting law. We should not be intimidated by state repression. It is crucial that we defend ourselves in court, and not let the police get away with violence against protesters or whoever else.

Our goal is to collect 5000 euros. This sum will cover the legal costs of our 9 comrades arrested at the Hotel Mokum eviction. Anything left over, or additional funds raised, will go toward the legal costs of our own and other squats.

It is an essential part of direct action to support those who are targets of police violence and repressive fines. By donating, you are directly supporting individuals who put themselves at risk and who fight for causes that support squatting.

Any donation is greatly appreciated!

Mokum Kraakt
Nicole, Kinkerstraat 304, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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